Molly Xavier MuShu

My beautiful Molly is very sick. I just talked to our amazing vet again and here’s what’s going on. Molly has an enlarged heart, masses on her heart and liver that are most likely tumors, and fluid in her lungs. She is 13 years old, will be 14 in January. She can only see shadows out of one eye. She has arthritis. And now her organs & the tumors are pushing her windpipe against her spine, making it difficult to breathe. And apparently she wasn’t having seizures like we thought, but rather mini cardiac episodes.
Molly is my constant companion. She is always by my side. She’s the best wee dog we’ve ever had. Never caused any trouble. She LOVES everyone.
As far as treatment goes, there are some v expensive diagnostics we could have done. If found to be a tumor on her heart, and not just a benign mass, it’s recommended she goes to heaven. If it’s not a tumor she could be put on cardiac meds and we could spend another year with her, maybe. Then there are the liver tumors. That’s a separate ultrasound and treatment. We are not made of money and even if we were we don’t think we’d put her through all that. Not when we’ve had 14 incredible years with her.
This is the hardest part of being a dog parent. Our hearts are broken. THANK YOU all for your messages and texts and concern and love for us and our special girl. ❤️

I made the appointment to help Molly go to the Rainbow Bridge for tomorrow (Friday 12/13) at 2:00PM. Last night CSP worked until about 11:30 pm. He arrived home about midnight and we didn’t get to bed until about 2:30 am. Molly came to bed with us and drank some water. She ate dinner and was moving around slowly but surely. Her breathing was getting more and more labored. CSP helped her into bed where she joined me, Minnie, and Zoe. Then he picked Molly up and held her close to him while he sat on the edge of the bed. I could hear her breathing. He spoke to her softly and told her it was ok if she wanted to go on to Heaven. So she did.
Molly Xavier MuShu Redwing was the goodest, best pug ever. She was smart, yet goofy. She was so funny! She made us laugh every single day. I didn’t get to say goodbye. Even though I was in the room, I didn’t realize she was leaving us until I couldn’t hear her breathe anymore and CSP told me she was gone. I just pray that she knew how much we loved her. How much we will miss her. How much we already do.
After she passed away CSP held her while we petted her and told her how much we love her. We then wrapped her in a soft blanket and let Minnie and Zoe sniff her in the hopes they would understand (maybe?) what was going on. Faithful Companion came and picked her up today and will bring her ashes back to us tomorrow.
Today was CSP’s birthday. It was a somber day but we still tried to celebrate her life as well as CSP’s. The timing could not have been worse but we are so very thankful that Molly went to Heaven surrounded by her parents and sisters and love.
Thank you so, so much for all your kind words and messages about my buddy Molly By Golly. It really means the world to us. ♥️🐾♥️