Humidify Me

I received a Honeywell Console Humidifier free from for testing purposes.  All opinions are my own.  This thing is HUGE! It holds 3 gallons of water!  But being big is NOT a problem.  It’s totally lightweight and super easy to move around if necessary. We have it on a little side table in the master bedroom now and we have noticed a huge difference in our skin since using it.  When we got it CSP had a split lip from the dry air. Within a week his lip healed and it hasn’t split since!  And as for my skin…when I wake up now my skin still feels as moisturized as it does when I apply my night cream the night before! And they say a humidifier is good for your furniture too.  CSP has taken to the thing as well.  He is the one who’s in charge of filling the tanks.  And since the tanks are so large he doesn’t have to fill them every night. So it works AND it’s convenient!  And it has a setting where it determines the humidity level in the room so it only runs when it needs to.  Love that! My mom has always been a big proponent of humidifiers but I never saw what the big deal was until now.  Way to go Mom!