Adoption Update.

Periodically people ask about how our adoption is going.  Yep, we’re still at it!  We still submit profiles of children to our social worker every couple of weeks and she submits our home study to their social worker.  But we haven’t been matched yet.  This is really frustrating for us.  We feel like we are a perfect match for these kids but who knows what’s keeping us from being matched.  One thing that breaks my heart is that when I’m browsing the profiles and find one that says they prefer to have a home with a single mother.  What has happened to that poor child that they DON’T want a father??  We can only imagine.

We’re still having quarterly visits with our social worker.  And we’re keeping our home study current.  In fact, we have CPR coming up again soon.  So please keep us in your prayers.  We’re still chugging along, hoping and praying that someday soon we will finally complete our little family.

2 thoughts on “Adoption Update.”

  1. Shanny, I am so glad you posted an update. I think about you and Jon daily and the prospect of you becoming magnificent parents. Keep your chin up and the right child will be presented to you at just the right time.


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