Famous among dozens!

imagesI’m famous!  Well, I’m not.  But it kinda feels like it!  Someone pinned one of my blog posts on Pinterest and now I’m getting all sorts of visitors from Pinterest to my blog.  The post is Cruising Tips & Tricks.  The pin is here (you click the picture)!  I feel like an expert!

3 thoughts on “Famous among dozens!”

  1. It’s a great post! No wonder people were pinning it and sharing the love. 🙂 You make me want to go cruising and I don’t do well on boats.


      1. PG and I cruised to Alaska from Vancouver a few years ago and enjoyed ourselves (apart from the crazy sea-sickness I had for two days). So next time we cruise, I think we’ll do it down a river – and with friends. 🙂


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