Disney Fantasy Western Caribbean Day 4- Missing the boat & the Enchanted Garden

We got back to the ship at somewhere between 3:30 and 4 and were famished!  We’d missed lunch so after we changed out of our swimsuits we went up to Flo’s V8 Cafe and got some snacks.  We sat and ate in the adult section near the adult pool and noticed that the ship was moving.   With a ship that large there are no jack rabbit starts but you can look out at the island sky lineDSC_5654 and tell you’re moving.  About 30 minutes later we stopped. That was strange!  There are usually no quick stops and starts!  We went to look over the side of the deck and saw why we stopped!   Down below was a tender boat FULL of people trying to get on the ship!  They almost missed the boat!  DSC_5651  There were 2 other boats just like it chasing after the Fantasy!

We went back to our room and took a nap then got ready for dinner.   Quick tip before we head to dinner.  The hair dryer on the Fantasy is fabulous! DSC_5659  The hair dryers on the Magic and Wonder are pretty awful so I was worried about having to pack a hair dryer and taking up all that suitcase room, but these are fantastic!  Note in the picture a bottle of Scentsy Room Spray.   A MUST pack item.  Disney staterooms are nice and large, but they are still in close quarters with the bathrooms so air freshener can become important.  IMG_3315  In this picture you can also see my makeup mirror and in the makeup mirror you can see that I was highlighting the items on the Navigator that we wanted to do that night.  Tuck a highlighter in your bag, it’s very helpful!

Dinner tonight was at the Enchanted Garden.DSC_5676  This is a beautiful restaurant.  My only complaint is that the tables are too close together.  We were sitting just the 2 of us at a 4 top table and the empty chairs at our table kept getting bumped by passengers as well as the waitstaff.  Good thing there wasn’t anyone sitting there!DSC_5660DSC_5662.  CSP and I both chose the same appetizer, the lobster ravioli.DSC_5663 SO yummy!  Then CSP had the Ahi tuna stack with avocadoDSC_5664.  Disney chefs do such a nice job with presentation.  So pretty!  I had a yummy salad- spinach and raspberry. DSC_5666CSP had an asparagus soup that he really liked.   DSC_5665 We both chose the same entree.  Scallops and sea bass on risotto with peas and fava beans and a sweet chili sauce. DSC_5667 I’d never had fava beans before (only heard about them from the Silence of the Lambs), so I was a little wary.  But OMG this was one of my favorite dishes of the cruise!  I’m not the biggest fish fan in the world either but this sea bass just melted in your mouth!

The ceiling in the Enchanted Garden changes from white to pink to midnight blue during the course of your dinner. DSC_5673 The light flowers bloom throughout the night as well.  DSC_5674 So pretty! For dessert I chose the bananas Foster sundae DSC_5668while CSP created his own sundaeDSC_5669. There is a fountain in the middle of the Enchanted Garden. DSC_5671 DSC_5672  There are special booths in the middle of the restaurant. DSC_5675 And gorgeous lighting everywhere. DSC_5677

While we were enjoying our dessert the head waiter ,Witt, came by to check on us.  He tapped me on the shoulder and said “Ma’am, ketchup?”  I turned to look at him just as he squeezed a ketchup bottle at me and ketchup came flying out of the bottle at me.  I screamed!  But it turns out it was a trick bottle like this one.images-1 So funny!

I forgot to mention something about the excursion to Stingray City.  When we came back from our port adventure there was a tent set up on the dock with Disney Cruise Line workers handing out cold water and small iced down towels.  It was so nice!  CSP loved being able to wipe down his sweaty head on a hot afternoon!

After dinner we went back to our room where we found our latest towel animal- a cute turtle. DSC_5680 We had stateroom 5546 DSC_5678.  The doors to your stateroom are metal so you can decorate them with magnets (no tape).  We watched an episode of Castle, turned our clocks back an hour and went to sleep.

Next up …Costa Maya and the Rainforest! IMG_3311