Disney Fantasy Western Caribbean Day 1

IMG_2955We were supposed to leave for Florida on Friday February 1 at 7 am.  But by Wednesday night  I knew I was sick.  And Thursday it just got worse.  CSP came home from work Thursday night and just shut it all down.  No more packing, no more cleaning.  He made me go to bed because I was spiking a pretty nasty fever.  Luckily the fever broke overnight, but we were really behind and I was still feeling pretty terrible.  I was moving in slow motion and coughing and sneezing like it was my job.  Luckily we weren’t on any schedule but our own so it didn’t really matter when we left.

We finally hit the road around 3 pm Friday!  IMG_3242The good thing about leaving so late is that we had no traffic and no construction.  We stopped at our favorite stops along the way (Starbucks on exit 36A in Georgia off I 95 South is one) and finally made it to Cape Canaveral around 1 am.  On A1A South on the way to the Hampton Inn this drunk dude stumbled out into the street and we almost hit him!  I was driving and it scared the beejeesus out of me!

The room at the Hampton had 2 queen beds so we took advantage and spread out in our own beds!

Up next….we board the Disney Fantasy!