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Disney Magic- Day 2

Saturday January 28, 2012.

We woke up in our room at the beautiful Disney BoardWalk Villas (thank you Lisa!) and got ready for breakfast.  We headed over to Cat Cora’s Kouzzina for our reservation.   Gorgeous restaurant!  We had a table right by the window so we had a nice view of the pond. CSP ordered a skillet with eggs, sweet potato hash, pequilla peppers, nueske smoked sausage and arugula.    He also had French Press coffee and my frappe (he liked it more than I did so I turned it over to him).  I had the waffles.  OMG these were some of the best waffles I’ve ever had.  Chicken sausage accompanied them and the toppings were marscapone cheese and pecans.  SO yum!    We had a lovely breakfast then went to the BoardWalk Bakery to spend the remainder of our dining plan credits.  There was certainly no room in our tummies but we didn’t want to waste our dining plan credits.  We were entitled to 2 of the refillable mugs so we picked those up along with drinks.  For my 2 snack credits I got a fruit tart and a cheese danish.  CSP went a little nuts and got a cupcake as big as his head  and a tiramisu.  We packed our snacks away in the car for later.

Now, let me tell you about the dining plan and how much it saved us.  We paid $85.52 each for the dining plan.  Our dinner at the Yachtsman cost just under $160.  Breakfast cost $45.  The mugs cost $15.50 each.  The treats at the bakery cost $32.  The dining plan saved us $97.00!  We aren’t used to $160 dinners and $40 breakfasts.  This was a huge treat.

I waited for CSP in the lobby while he went to fetch the luggage.  Isn’t it a gorgeous lobby? CSP arrived just as I noticed Lisa, Pete, and the gang checking out.  It was great to see them one more time.  We picked up our car from valet (valet always makes me feel like a rich grown up!), got some gas and got on our way to Port Canaveral!  That is…until a few miles down the road when I asked CSP where did he put my bag of dirty clothes from last night?  Whooopsie!  The bag was still in the hotel room!  We turned around and went back to the BoardWalk.  While I waited in the car I called my mom and filled her in on our adventures so far. 

We hopped on the highway and in just about an hour we were in Port Canaveral!  We stopped by a Publix and picked up some milk and beer.  An odd combo, yes.  CSP needed the beer for the cruise and we needed the milk for our snacks from earlier.  We parked in the parking lot and ate oursnacks then headed for the port!  We parked there at the port and went from the car to our cabin in less than 30 minutes!   I’ve been on many cruise lines and let me tell you, Disney knows what they are doing.  This was my 2nd embarkation and it went flawlessly, just like the first.  I’ve waited in line for HOURS to board a ship before.  Not with Disney!

Once we were on board the Magic we went straight to Rockin Bar D and met with the people from Palo.  Palo is the adults only restaurant.  Pre-cruise we were only able to get reservations for dinner.  But we heard how wonderful brunch and tea were and wanted reservations for those too.  Well it was our lucky day because we scored reservations for both!

Then we headed to ourcabin to drop off our carry on bags. Click on the pics to enlarge.    Look what was waiting for us since we’re Castaway Club members!    A beach bag, 2 water bottles, a key chain, and 2 rice krispie treats.  What a nice treat!  We went to our muster station and went through the drill (my least favorite part of cruising).  Luckily it is over quickly so then we could head back to our cabin.

We unpacked since our luggage had already arrived (so fast!) and sat out on our balcony to watch the push off (or whatever it’s called when a ship takes off).   I love this part- Disney has people who come out onto the balcony of the terminal with their giant Mickey hands and wave us off.  So cute!   CSP had fun blinking the car lights on and off from our balcony.  He’s such a kid!

There are a few casino boats that operate out of Port Canaveral, as well as some bars along the water.  As we were passing by the bars the outdoor patrons waved and yelled.  Fun!  Then all the sudden, right in front of Fish Lips, we heard “SHOW US YOUR BOOBS”.  Really?   It’s a DISNEY ship!  Who’s gonna flash their boobs?  Not that CSP would let me anyway. 😉  We enjoyed a lovely sunset then freshened up for dinner. 

Before we knew it it was time for dinner.  Tonight’s dinner was at Animator’s Palate.    This restaurant starts out all black and white then gradually turns to color by the end of the evening.  The “show” part of it is a bit loud for our tastes, but that’s ok.  Our dinner-  CSP ordered tuna tartare for his appetizer.   So pretty but you won’t catch me eating raw fish.  I had the mushroom risotto.  Not so pretty, but very yummy!    CSP picked a smoked salmon and trout on goat cheese salad while I had a butternut squash soup.  For our entrees I had the turkey penne and CSP had the phyllo wrapped salmon.   Just before dessert they had a little presentation and Mickey came out.  I tried to snap a pic but all I had with me was my iPhone.  You can still see the restaurant though.   For dessert CSP had a double fudge cake and I had a cranberry and orange cheesecake.  

Immediately after dinner, like as soon as he stood up, CSP started throwing up.  Poor thing didn’t make it to the bathroom.  Threw up all over the hallway, his shirt and pants.  Two tween girls came out of the ladies’ room and stepped in it!  It all happened so fast I hadn’t had a chance to tell anyone yet.  Poor CSP stayed in the mens’ room for an HOUR!  I was sure he had passed out.  I kept checking on him.  He was just worried if he moved he’d throw up more.  We think he just had too much rich food in too short a time.  He didn’t get sick at all the rest of the trip.  Whew.  We finally went back to our room for bed and found our first towel animal:   Next up: our first sea day!

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    1. Pam- it’s just Disney. Isn’t that awesome?!? I brought a bottle of wine and some whipped cream vodka. Like I’m some huge drinker or something. But it saves a TON on cocktails!


  1. Pam…Just with Disney!!!

    Shannon you should have told them how we faked sick to get out of the drill on that one cruise we took….we got in trouble. It was sooo funny!


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