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My blog is 10 years old!!!

I’m such a bad blog owner!  My blog turned 10 years old on August 20th!  And I totally spaced.  I feel bad.  Now my blog’s gonna want a diamond or something just cause it turned 10 and I neglected to celebrate.   Hard to believe that 10 years ago I wrote my first post.   Back in the day I thought no one would ever read my blog.  At first I’d post every little detail of my life.  What I ate for lunch.  A list of errands I ran. And now here we are, almost 3000 posts later!   Through my blog I’ve met some incredible people, not to mention the free therapy writing blog posts provides!

To celebrate I am offering readers of my blog a 10% discount on your total Thirty-One order! Go here to shop and get your 10% discount!   (you’ll put in your order and I’ll go in and adjust it down 10% before I submit the order).  Here’s to 10 more bloggy years!!!

4 thoughts on “My blog is 10 years old!!!”

  1. That is so trippy that you have been blogging that long. I think I have been following along for the last six. One day I’m going to meet my bloggy friends in person.


  2. congrats on the 10 years! I’m so glad to know you and that you love pugs! And meeting you in person is so fun. You are so fun to be around…love you!


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