My Thirty One Spring Incentive Arrived!

DSC_5581Last night my UPS man dropped off a present for me- my Spring Incentive!  I earned over $300 in Thirty One Spring products just for having a couple parties.  Awesome!   Look what all I earned!

  • Organizing Pack in Party Punch
  • Tote-a- Tablet in Party Punch
  • Thermal Mini Zipper Pouch in Take it Slow
  • Snail Icon Coin Purse
  • Elite Retro Metro Bag in Taupe Ripstop
  • Scarf in Turquoise Lotsa Dots
  • Coupon Clutch in Island Damask
  • Every Wear Wallet in Railroad Denim
  • Perfect Pet Leash in Lotsa Dots

I can’t wait to show off all the new products at my parties starting in January!!!


Thirty One Spring Product Premiere!

DSC_5580Last Sunday I went to the Thirty One Spring Product Premiere at Concord Mills AMC movie theatre.  A few members of my team met up early to have lunch and catch up at Macado’s.  Then it was time for the show.  There were over 800 consultants there!   It was really fun to see sneak peeks of all the new products and prints.  SO cute!  And I left with freebies: 25 catalogs, a pack of mini catalogs, and a Your Way Rectangle (with a clear pvc window) from the new Your Way home organization collection!


Turkey Trot!

Hi Ladies!

If you’d LOVE some FREE Thirty One this holiday season, without having to host a party, then read on…it’s so easy!!

The first 12 girls to respond to this message will get a spot in this year’s “Turkey Trot” (but please respond to only me…not to the entire group…that can get frustrating for people 🙂

The Turkey Trot is simple. You just collect (or order yourself) $100 or more in Thirty One orders between now and Dec 1st, and you will automatically receive one OR MORE of the following hostess rewards…just that simple! The highest selling Turkey Trotter will also receive a bonus gift, automatically!

All 12 participants be scrambled and drawn for one of the following prizes:
One Free Double Zip Cosmetic Case Hostess Exclusive
One Free XXL Utility Tote Hostess Exclusive
One Free Rolling Tote Hostess Exclusive
One Free Organizing Utility Tote
One Free Expand a Tote Day Extender
$50 in FREE Product
$50 in FREE Product
$50 in FREE Product
$50 in FREE Product
$25 in FREE Product
$25 in FREE Product
2 Half Price Items

Please let me know ASAP, if you’d like to participate…first come, first serve!


Everyone likes free!

You won’t believe all the bonus benefits to hosting a Thirty-One party in November!  There are only 2 months left until Christmas- your guests (and you) can shop for Christmas presents in the comfort of your home surrounded by friends.  Your guests will be able to take advantage of the AWESOME guest special this month: for every $31 they spend they can get the $12 Littles Carryall Caddy for only $1!!! Yep, that’s ONE DOLLAR!!! Amazing!

Now, for you, the hostess, get ready for a HUGE freebie! If you host a $700 party or above you get a free hostess exclusive item! That means, you can get the XXL Utility Tote Set (a total of 4 bags!!), or the Rolling Tote, or the Double Zip Cosmetic bag…FOR FREE!!! How awesome! And a $700 party is not hard to do. My average party is $600. But you aren’t average and neither am I so I know together we can get you to $700!

Contact me today to schedule your party! I still have a few dates left in November, DO NOT miss out!!!

Shannon Redwing


Organizing my life with style, baby.

I put up my Thirty-One Hang Up Home Organizer the other day.  I LOVE it!  I found some cool purple Command Hooks and hung it on the side of my fridge.  Now the front of my fridge, which is what faces the rest of the house, can now be clean of clutter.  I found a calendar at Staples (it is a little long but I needed big squares).  There’s a section for CSP’s work schedule, pockets for stamps, business cards, bills, etc.  All the plastic sections are dry erase markable which makes things easier to organize.  And there’s still room on the side of the fridge for CSP’s bottle opener.  All is right with the world.  If you want to be organized and stylish too, just let me know!


Bona fide bizness lady!

I submitted my first Thirty-One party to the home office.  It was my launch party that I hosted on Saturday.  I made tons of fabulous food and set up all my Thirty-One products.  I was nervous but everything went really well!  In just one party I earned back the $99 I spent on my new consultant kit and then some!  I’m so excited!  What a great job- I get to party with my friends AND make money! WOot!!!


Launch party in the works!

I am now officially an independent consultant for Thirty-One gifts!  Yay!  I’m so excited!  My official launch party is next Saturday, September 10.  If you are local to Charlotte (and I know you) and you’d like an invite, just leave a comment and let me know!  If you are not local but you’d like to check out what Thirty-One is all about and place an order, just go to my website!   The new Fall line is so fabulous!   There’s so much more to see!