Launch party in the works!

I am now officially an independent consultant for Thirty-One gifts!  Yay!  I’m so excited!  My official launch party is next Saturday, September 10.  If you are local to Charlotte (and I know you) and you’d like an invite, just leave a comment and let me know!  If you are not local but you’d like to check out what Thirty-One is all about and place an order, just go to my website!   The new Fall line is so fabulous!   There’s so much more to see!


Mountain getaway & a little high country scoop!

Last week CSP & I spent Monday through Friday in Valle Crucis, NC with the pugs.  We love being able to go up to the mountains and haven’t been able to for a while.  Time seems to go a little slower up there with no internet, dvr, etc and we just love it.  We didn’t do much, just read, I knit, we watched movies and checked out all our favorite little places.  The pugs love it up there too.  Kiki likes being able to go off leash.  Molly & Zoe aren’t quite mature enough for that but I think they still like the mountain air. Kiki loves it up in Valle CrucisMolly relaxing in Valle CrucisHappy ZoeOne of the fun places we always visit is the Mountain House restaurant.  We’ve been going to Mountain House since it was a tiny little joint at the end of a strip mall.  Then 8 years ago it moved to a primo location on Blowing Rock Highway.  This trip we noticed “We’re Moving” signs.  I asked our waiter about it and got the scoop.  Apparently the owner, Betty’s, lease is up.  Cracker Barrel found out and swooped in.  Betty kept offering more money but CB offered more time.  Cracker Barrel signed a 30 year lease.  Ugh.  Talk about big business squishing the little guy!  I shall boycott Cracker Barrel!  Now Mountain House is moving to a smaller location off 421 where there is no good parking.  Boo!  We’ll still go there of course, and we’ll shoot rotten looks at CB on the way!





Birthday Grill

CSP grilled dinner for my birthday this year.  I watched the baby during the day then when I got home we had dinner with his parents.  CSP made my favorites.  Shrimp:  and zucchini .  FIL made yummy mushroom risotto.   For dessert MIL made Derby pie– my favorite!   SO good!   Hope my birthday wish comes true!

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Birthday Buffet

Tuesday afternoon we took Blanca to get a good wash and vacuum then went to pick up Papa & Gigi.  We drove down to Columbia and picked up Momo & Ian after a quick tour of their new digs.   Then it was off to Shealy’s for my birthday dinner!   Half the fun was just getting there as we somehow managed to pack 6 full grown adults into my little RAV4!   Can you see Ian in the waaay back?      Everyone got their fill of bbq and fried chicken.  SO YUM.   I think all the chicken gave Papa the crazies.  Look at this face!   I don’t know why CSP makes these faces, he knows he’s going on the internet!   We had a great time!  It was certainly worth the drive.