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Safety Pants Lexicon

I think it’s a mixture of growing up in Minnesota with a pinch of family sayings.  Or maybe it’s just him.  Either way, he says some funny things.

  • He pronounces ROOF like ROUGH.
  • ROOT beer is RUTT beer.
  • If something is pricey, in his opinion, he says “Boy, they sure know what to charge for that don’t they?”  I always think “Of course they do, Silly, they are the store that sells the things!”
  • If he’s had enough of something he’ll say he’s “Had great plenty”
  • If there’s a lot of something there’s a “sh!t ton” of it.

That’s all I can think of right now.  I’m sure I say a sh!t ton of things that he thinks sounds funny since he’s all MidWestern and I’m all Southern!

3 thoughts on “Safety Pants Lexicon”

  1. Hmmm, I’m Midwestern (Indiana with Wisconsin/Minnesota roots) and I’ve only heard of a “sh!t ton”. The Minnesotans I know pronounce “roof” and “root” with a long o sound. Most people I know from there sound like they stepped out of the movie “Fargo”. I think CSP just has his own special speak. 😉


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