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Lofty long term goals

Vacations (read: experiences) are very important to CSP & me.  We’d much rather drive basic cars and have basic furniture and buy basic clothes (I spill too much on myself to have expensive clothes anyway) and spend our money on trips.  I’ve even read articles that say there have been studies that show that people who spend more on experiences are happier than those who spend more on things.  We are also planners.  Me more than him.  That being said, we’ve decided what we’re going to finally do in either 2 or 5 years.

We’ve always wanted to take an Alaskan cruise.  Everyone we know who’s done this say it’s just amazing.  And I’ve always wanted to drive cross country.  So we’ve decided that for our 15th anniversary in just over 5 years that we’ll drive to Vancouver and board a cruise ship to Alaska.  It’s a good 3000 miles from Charlotte to Vancouver.  Luckily I love to drive!  Then on the way back we’ll swing through Seattle (another city we’ve always wanted to visit) and take a different route home. 

We’re going alone.  At least that’s the plan now.  By then we plan to have children but we feel that time alone as a couple is very important to a marriage.  So, anyone wanna babysit Kidlet & Lil Bit for 2.5 weeks?  Oh, and 3 pugs? 🙂  Where the 2 or 5 year thing comes in is that we are at the very end of our adoption work (just a few new home visits and a CPR class ahead of us).  Then comes the wait.  We are asking for a single child aged 0-3.  This could take a while.  If Lil Bit isn’t home in 2 years then we’ll go then.  If he/she is home sooner than we’ll wait and go in 5 at our 15th anniv.

I’m amazed at some of the feedback we’ve already gotten about this.  I’ve already heard “You’ll be changing your tune once you have kids.  You won’t want to leave them.  You won’t be able to afford vacations.”  Of course we won’t want to leave them.  But a healthy marriage is so important to raising happy children (if you’re married).  And this could all be pie in the sky.  We don’t know what ship we’ll take (that would just be cruel to cruise on the Disney Cruise Line with no kids in tow) because all that can change.  Who knows?  By then we may just zip on up there in our jet packs!   I think it’s important to have goals, long and short term.  It’s fun for me to plan these trips.  And it will be even more fun when we make it there!

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  1. I have two kids and have been married nearly 13 years and I tell you, I love my kids more than anything and when they were younger, I wouldn’t have been able to leave them, but now that they are 5 and 7, I could leave them for a week to go away with my husband LOL.


    1. Yeah, see, that’s what I’m saying! We’re adopting kids that may be a little older. I wouldn’t leave a 3 year old for that long. But a 7 year old? They’ll be fine!


  2. I wouldn’t want to leave a child of mine home while I vacationed for 2.5 weeks no matter how old they are. Alyssa is not even mine and week one of our vacation about killed me (and Pete too), we could not wait until she got to us on Saturday. Pete stood at the top of the stairs at the Port just waiting for her. I do think alone adult time is great, but not for extended periods of time. I think experiences should be shared as a family.


    1. We plan on sharing a TON of experiences as a family, but we feel that alone couple time is important. We don’t think Alaska is a very kid-centric destination and we don’t want to wait until they are old enough to want to go with us. Who knows what will happen in 5 years (or 2 if we don’t have our kids yet) but this is our plan now.


  3. You are right! Philip and I try and take a vacation, just us every so often. Yes, we take family vacations but it’s just as important to have fun alone 🙂 We usually go to Vegas or the beach while Asia is away at camp. You have to make time for yourselves because it’s so easy to get wrapped up in your kid’s life (and then you have no life!).


  4. Alone time is great! Steven and I try to take a night here or a couple days there without the girls to keep our marriage healthy. I took a few days this fall all by myself and came back refreshed, relaxed and a better Mama. Anything longer than a few days though, I miss them so much the trip isnt any fun.
    I didnt find taking a Disney cruise without my kids cruel at all. The cruise had so much to offer for adults that it didnt seem odd at all. I saw a lot of things I knew they would enjoy, but I really value the “Disney atmosphere (no casino, clean entertainment ect.) I didnt think of it as any different than any other trip Id go on… we even spent a day at Walt Disney World without them. Id do it again in a heart beat!


  5. First off – im so excited that the prospect of becoming parents is so close!

    As for e trip to Alaska: That’s so far off, I wouldn’t worry about it for now. You never know what will happen between now and then.

    Something to keep in mind though – when are you planning on taking the trip? If schools in session that’s a lot for someone else to handle for you. Pickups and drop offs, homework, and everything else you have to remember each day drives me crazy! I wouldn’t want to inflict 3 weeks of it on anyone :).

    Also think about any anxiety issues a foster/adopted child may have. Your little ones may have some separation issues/fears. Kids, even at 7, don’t really have a true grasp of time. So maybe you do a shorter trip before the long one so they’ll really know you’re coming back?

    Time away with the hubs is a must though – you’ll figure it out 🙂

    Again, I’m so happy that it’s so close!


  6. You will love Alaska and the cross country trip. You will love having alone time. It is soooo important for a couple. People are either in one of two camps – love my children, but need some couple time OR couldn’t ever leave my children. We fall in the first camp. I always say – we were here together before children and we will be here together once the children have flown the coop. The children are just the layer inside an already great cookie. Oh, now I want some oreos!


  7. We loved loved Seattle. Had been there five or six years ago now. And then from there we took a ferry to Victoria British Colombia. A charming coastal town. I think Pam Anderson is from there. LOL. Someday hope to go to Vancouver. I love Canada.


  8. I have always wanted to do this! I’m a “granny~nanny” age, perhaps if Lil Bit arrives at age 3, by 5 years that will make Lil Bit 8…

    May be you will encounter a windfall…pay for me to go and keep lil Bit entertained?!! Just a thought.

    An 8 year old would gain great experience on a roadtrip & the Alaskan Cruise. Just think about it…either way you’ll have the time of your life!


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