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I am a siren of the sea

Behold!  On the left is my new favorite fingernail polish.  The brands don’t matter here.  It’s the color that matters.  My favorite Christmas colors are purple, aqua, lime green & hot pink so I wanted to paint my nails to be festive.  The purple is Sally Hansen.  It’s a deep purple with a bluish tint.  Kinda what I picture that indigo to be in ROYGBIV.  Makes me feel far more edgy and hip than I am.  I’d show you a picture of my actual stubby little fingers but my manicure is chipped right awful from all this unpacking.  I’m just not made for manual labor!

On the right is my new favorite toe nail polish.  Yes I know it’s December but unpainted toe nails give me the creeps. It’s a super glittery aqua.  I got it in a cheap 4 pack while looking for the perfect purple.  The “purple” in the multipack was really a blue parading around as purple.  The brand is LA Colors and I got it at CVS for like $3 for the 4 pack.  I was a little worried that I might be too pale to pull off such dark and bold colors but I think they work.  I’d show you a pic of my actual toes but who really likes to look at other people’s toes except for toe pervs?  Plus my left big toe is all wonky since I had an ingrown toenail taken care of an all he left me was a tiny sliver of a nail.  Sadist! Conservative CSP was appropriately shocked and dismayed and cried “GREEEEEN????” when he saw my toes as if it was the end of the world as he knows it.  I corrected him that it is NOT green but a lovely aqua.  It makes me feel like a mermaid. And who doesn’t want to be a mermaid?

3 thoughts on “I am a siren of the sea”

  1. I love you and your edginess! Sally Hanson makes a pretty good polish, actually. Does yours have the fun brush that makes it go on easier? I LOVE that. I’m really into grey-ish purples right now. ALSO- if posting pictures of your toes attracts toe pervs, I’m PRETTY sure I have at least 10 pictures of my feet from when that bee attacked me, so I bet half my page hits are toe pervs. CRAP.


    1. Girl you KNOW the Toe Pervs all talked about your bee feet that night at their toe perv meeting! And mine does have the cool brush! LOVE it! A good brush makes all the difference. That’s why I love my Falsies mascara. I was trying to find a good grurple color but I’m so white it just made me look corpsey. Sigh.


  2. My sister lived with my husband and me for a few months many moons ago. She had an enormous tackle box (think pro tournament fisherman) filled with various shades of polish, and she though doing nails and having nails done was the absolute highest form of entertainment. After witnessing a rainbow of colors (green for St. Patrick’s Day, hunter orange for deer season, and purple, well, just because), my husband sighed & said, “If you’re going to paint your toe nails,” and I interrupted with, “And I AM!” He continued, “Could please paint them a normal color? Like red.” So, I’ve stuck with traditional nail colors since, but I let them “breathe” in the winter when no one sees them.


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