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My gift to you

If I was independently wealthy then I’d buy all my peeps iPhones and iPads for Christmas.  Alas this is not the case.  So instead I will give to you free Apps that you will love and that will no doubt change your life for the better.  Huzzah!  Now, first understand that I do not get paid or receive any swag from any of my endorsements (not that I’d turn it down- I love presents!).  I just love to share things I love!

This week let me tell you about Waze.  Waze is a free app for iPhone,  Android, Blackberry and other smart phones.  It’s a GPS service that is also social.  It offers turn by turn directions and users submit traffic alerts in real time.  I have one of those FM transmitter things that I use to plug my iPhone into my car.  It allows me to listen to the music on the iPod part of my phone through my car speakers.  While I’m driving and listening to music I’ll also have Waze running.  When it’s time to turn the music will go quiet for a second and Miss Waze will come through my speakers and say “In half a mile turn right.”  It’s so awesome.  I don’t have to take my eyes off the road to look at a map.  I don’t have to switch back and forth between the iPod and Waze apps.  It all works together.  And I don’t have to listen to annoying talk radio to get traffic alerts.  Because users send in alerts in real time I usually hear about accidents or construction before it is reported on the radio.  Fab.   You can join a group on Waze to get more specific info.  For instance there are groups based on geographic location.  Charlotte is made up of tons of neighborhoods and has lots of suburbs.  I am a member of a few different groups based on geographic criteria so when I’m out and about I’ll get alerts on my phone that are specific to those groups.  You can ping other users that you can see on the live map and ask questions or just chat.  There is a Foursquare badge you can earn using Waze, and you can check in on Foursquare without ever leaving the Waze app.   You also earn points and there is a leader board for friendly competition.  Waze is on Twitter so if you have any questions you can ask via Twitter and they are super quick at getting back to you.  On the main Waze website there’s a forum and support area as well.   Waze is global so you don’t have to live or be in the US of A to enjoy it.  Now, go join up on Waze so I can earn extra points by referring you!  Oh, and so you’ll never get lost again.  That’s more important.  But the points are nice too! 🙂

3 thoughts on “My gift to you”

  1. You swag share-er! This will have to be my next app-download. I’m app-crazy!

    PS call me when you win that lotto! It will be awesome when you give me all that stuff! 🙂


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