We’ve got a bleeder!!!

People ask me about my husband CSP’s name all the time.  Does he live up to it?  Why do we call him CSP instead of his real name ?  Well, he is super private and super careful about safety.  CSP does not want me to use his real name on the internet.  The moment I type out his first name and it hits the interwebs people all over the world will know exactly who he is and bum rush the house.  So Susan came up with Captain Safety Pants because of his safety record.  And does he live up to the name?  ONLY EVERY DAY.

The other night I came home from girls’ night .  CSP was already at home enjoying an evening with the pugs.  I was wearing a long skirt and the pugs came running up to greet me like they usually do.  Except they have been more excited than usual since we moved.  I think they are  still getting used to the move and are just so relieved that we actually come home to the new joint after we leave.  Anyway, they all came running up and standing up on their hind legs to greet me (we’re working on this).  They are little dogs and are trying to get closer to my face to say hello.  I sat down on the sofa next to CSP and we started talking.  After a little while I noticed my leg was stinging.  I looked down and my foot was in a puddle of blood!  One of the pugs scratched my leg with their claw.

CSP sprung into action!  GET IN THE BATHTUB!!!  He was frantic.  He dragged me into the bathroom and put me in the shower.  He grabbed a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and started dousing my legs while going on about how open wounds were gonna put me right back in the hospital and how could I die of infection when we just moved into this house!

It’s been over a week and I’m still alive but CSP continues to watch me for any further developments.