More birthday celebration

Birthday excitement continued Saturday.  CSP started a run of a few days off work so that was awesome.  We met up with Gigi, Momo & Sara at IKEA for lunch.  Momo was getting some supplies for her new apartment off campus at USC.  She’s so excited!  After lunch CSP & I ran some errands, took a nap and got ready for our evenings.  CSP was joining MIL & FIL for a Charlotte Knights baseball game and I was meeting up with Shannon G for a birthday dinner.  CSP was very excited as the Knights were playing the Rochester Red Wings (holla to Jenny & Tina!) who are a farm team of the Minnesota Twins, CSP’s favorite team.   I dropped CSP off to meet up with his parents then went on to Shannon’s house.

As soon as I walked in the door I was treated with big Emily hugs and kisses.  She’s one of my favorite people on the planet.  I just love that child!  I brought her a set of Princess Silly Bandz and she just loved them! I’m pretty sure Em thinks that I come just to visit her and that I’ve just met Shannon because Shannon lives in Em’s house.  At one point Emily told me she didn’t want me to talk to her mommy anymore.  I said who can I talk to then?  “Me!”  Well, of course!  I heard from Shannon that the next morning Em was looking for me and asking “Where Shanny go?”.  Sweet thing!

It was so hard to leave Em, who was crying because we were leaving.  Mustachio stood on the porch holding her and calling out to us “Don’t feel bad!  Just leave us!”  Punk! 🙂 Shannon took me to dinner at Red Bowl.  SO good!  We had a nice long dinner chatting and venting and enjoying girl talk.  After dinner we grabbed a coffee to go (in my case a dark chocolate cherry mocha) at Starbucks then went back to her house to wait for CSP to call and tell me to come pick him up.

CSP called and told me to meet him and his his parents at Starbucks.  The same one Shannon & I had just left!   So back I went.  We visited for a while then at about 11 pm my phone rang.  It was my sister Sara.  She NEVER calls after about 9!  Her husband’s truck had broken down as he was trying to leave work. and she had just gotten the boys out of bed to drive the almost hour to pick Marc up.  Luckily we were literally right across the street from Marc’s work!  We picked Marc up and dropped him home then went home ourselves.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

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  1. Emily loves you soooo much. And she has yet to go a day without wearing her princess silly bandz. If she likes me that moment, she “shares” one with me. Just one though. Don’t want Mommy to get too greedy!!


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