I’m officially the worst driver ever

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment and like usual I was running a bit behind. I drove Q-tip, CSP’s truck, to the dentist. CSP had driven Blanca to work. Q-tip is high up there. If something is low to the ground and hanging out right next to the truck I can’t see it from inside the truck. Yesterday it was over 90* (I know! In April!) So as soon as I got in the truck I cranked up the air conditioner and the radio. I waved to my neighbor washing his car and to the kids playing on the sidewalk. Then I backed out and drove through the neighborhood. I heard this weird noise but figured it was the a/c or radio. Then I hit a bump and felt something weird. I looked into my rear view mirror and saw that I had apparently backed over our recycle bin and had been dragging it through our entire neighborhood! Oy! It was spinning in the street then came to a stop in front of a house. Well I didn’t have time to stop and get it because I had to get to the dentist!  I got there and had to finagle that giant, long as a city block truck into a parking space.  That didn’t go so well.  I ended up with one rear tire up on the sidewalk.  I went in to the dentist office and both the desk girls were looking at me with eyes the size of dinner plates.   “Aren’t you going to repark that car?” one of them asked.  Why?  No time.  Had to get my nightguard.

After the dentist I was in the truck when CSP called.  Turns out my neighbor that had been washing his car, let’s call him Juicy, ratted me out to CSP as soon as he got home from work.  Punk!  🙂  So now I need to call the city for a new bin.  Such is life!