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The List

Do you have a list?  A list of people (usually famous) that you and your spouse/life partner have agreed could have relations with your spouse/life partner and you would let it slide.  I had a dream, you know the kind, about Antonio Ballatore.  I woke up feeling appropriately ashamed. If you don’t know Antonio, he’s the most recent winner of HGTV’s Design Star show and now he has his own show, The Antonio Treatment.  Some of you may be surprised that I have a crush on him as you may not think he’s my type.  But I don’t really have a type.  I find many different types of men attractive.

Anyway,  CSP & I had never had the “List” conversation, until last night.

Hey Honey, are there any celebs you’d want to put on your freebie list?

Jeesh, what are you reading now?  Did some magazine tell you to ask me this?

No, just tell me.  If you could have a freebie little love romp with some celebrity, who would it be?

What?  Gross! Nobody!

So if Salma Hayek came to the door right now and wanted to get it on with you, and I’d let it slide, you wouldn’t go for it?

No way!

What about Supernanny?  You like her.

Not like that!

Well who do you like like that?

Nobody! Stop talking!

I talked to Gigi about it today and she said that Papa had never heard of the List either and was equally as horrified.

So, do you have a list?