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Winter Photo Bloggy Days!

Go check out the participants in the Winter 2009 round of Photo Bloggy Days (where we take a photo every couple of hours to give you a peek into our everyday lives):

And my day:

I documented Saturday as Friday was mostly housework.   Saturday started early (for me) as we had Foster/Adoption class.  I put on some makeup and got ready for class.Winter PhoBloDays 2010- getting ready We stopped at McDonald’s to pick up road breakfast. Winter PhoBloDays 2010- Iced latte stop We had class all day. Winter PhoBloDays 2010- Foster/Adopt class We took a short lunch break at our desks Winter PhoBloDays 2010- Lunch break then got back to work for the rest of the afternoon Winter PhoBloDays 2010- CSP in Foster/Adopt class. After class we did a drive by of my first house in Charlotte in 1990. It looks a LOT different than it did when we lived there back in the early 90’s (and not in a good way). Winter PhoBloDays 2010- old house drive by Then we met up with Papa & Gigi at Captain Steve’s seafood restaurant.  We had a really fun dinner with them (totally forgot to take a picture).  After dinner we picked up a treat for dessert  at Bruster’s. Winter PhoBloDays 2010- cake batter ice cream from Bruster's We drove home, took the pugs out, fed them dinner then jumped right into bed. We had stayed up too late Friday night and were exhausted. We were in bed by 9pm! We read a little and it was lights out at 9:30 so I turned on my CPAP machine and put on my mask.Winter PhoBloDays 2010- one of the last things I see at night CSP says I look like a fighter pilot with my mask on. I just hope it doesn’t scare our kidlet when they come home!

9 thoughts on “Winter Photo Bloggy Days!”

  1. Sorry I didn’t participate this year. I don’t have a camera right now and have been sick all weekend so I haven’t left the house since I got home from work on Friday night.

    One of my nephew’s favorite things to do with my CPAP mask was put it on and go around the house saying “Luke, I am your Father” in his Darth Vader voice.


  2. Great pics and a great peek into your day!

    Hey, I just saw Michelle’s comment, and it made me think — three of the coolest people I know in this crazy blogland wear a CPAP. How weird is that? (You, Michelle, and my friend Catherine of Canada)


  3. Hi, I tried this, thanks for the idea. I didn’t read the “rules” until now and so made up my own – you have to take at least one photo every hour, and you only have a ten minute window to do so. Because it was also our little friend’s first day at our home for daycare, I tried to include a lot for his Mom… Will post tomorrow!


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