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Farm Girls

I’m a Farm Town farmer on Facebook.  Hooked on it really.  It’s my Aunt Marsha’s fault. She got me hooked at Christmas.  Now 90% of our text messages read “Blackberries?  And plow?”

I told Gigi about it and now she’s a farmer too.  We were on the phone the other night while I was teaching her how to play.  She was cracking me up.  We were laughing so hard while I was teaching her.  I hired her to harvest and plow at my farm.  She couldn’t finish because she was “tired from all this plowing!  My shoulder hurts!”   There’s no crying in Farm Town!

I taught her to harvest and as she was working her first harvest she goes “Gah, there’s this girl right up on my ass!  Why won’t she leave me alone?

…..Oh, wait, that’s me!”  Bahaha!

3 thoughts on “Farm Girls”

  1. Hey, what was the link for the website where you buy your cruises? I had the link bookmarked at work and now that I don’t work there any more I don’t have it. Can you give it to me again? Thank you so much Shanny!


  2. those facebook games are worse than crack they are so addicting. i quit all but farmville cause they were sucking the life out of me. i had not time for anything else!


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