CSP’s Kitchen Disasters

Missing spoon Notice anything weird about this picture? Besides that my kitchen wall looks all psychedelic, it’s really lime green and not rainbow.  Anyway, this is my giant fork and knife.  They used to live on the wall with their matching spoon.  But the other day CSP was trying to open a garbage bag. And somehow he spazzed out and my beloved spoon apparently “flew off the wall and broke” on its own accord.  Not just broke in a way that it could be glued back together, but shattered.  My Mom, Gigi, had given me this set so I told her about the disaster.  CSP wasn’t thrilled that I had shared the news.  Then he heard me telling my sister about it over the phone.  He started yelling “WHO HAVEN’T YOU TOLD??  WHO HAVEN’T YOU TOLD??  DO YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT?  WHY NOT CALL THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER?”  Bahahaha!  OMG Sara and I laughed so hard.

Then to rub salt in the wound…I opened the fridge today to find this scene: CSP taunts me with his food storage choices Yep, that’s one of our pots. A sauce pan. Wearing a bowl as a hat. The pot has CSP’s charro beans in it. Beans that would be very happy in a Tupperware bowl. Did I mention that not 2 feet away from the fridge is an entire cabinet devoted to Tupperware? Tupperware Bowls and matching lids of all sizes.  Stacked neatly.  All bean worthy. Why does this man torture me so???

12 thoughts on “CSP’s Kitchen Disasters”

  1. Cause he’d have to clean like three bowls. One the pot, then the bowl it’s in, if it;s not microwavable he’d have to put it back in the pot.

    This way he’d only heat up the pot and eat right out of it.

  2. I MAY be wrong.. but it seems like I saw something like that at IKEA. AT least I think it was IKEA.. kinda over in the jars and whatnot. I made a comment to Steven about them so maybe?

  3. It’s a man thing. I opened the fridge to find the leftover stuffing i made for stuffed peppers in the baking dish but atleast it had it’s on lid. :p
    That sucks about the spoon.. maybe check ebay if you can find another?

  4. AHHHH, must be a guy thing–I often open the fridge and find things just like that. Makes me crazy!

  5. That’s in the same department as my husband constantly leaving dirty utensils on the *edge* of our kitchen sink. How hard is it to actually put the dirty spoon *in* the sink ~ or better yet, inside the dishwasher?!? LOL! 🙂 I think my husband has done the “bowl as a lid” thing.

  6. OMG Shannon! I thought my husband was the only one with his “dinner plate lid on the pot storage system”. Gah…drives me insane. then I wonder why I never have any clean pots because he’s got them all in the freaking fridge!!!!

  7. Oh Lisanne… don’t get me started on that one! Mine always leaves his dirty dishes in the sink.. when the dish washer is empty and right there! drives me batty!

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