A very puggy Christmas

Zoe is crate trained and has to be in her crate anytime we leave the house.  She still has a LOT of mischievous puppy in her.  We try really hard not to leave her in her crate for more than a few hours at a time.  So we try to take her with us to visit family if we’ll be gone for a while. This is usually not a problem as most of our family members are dog people.  However, CSP’s parents are cat people and they’ve never had a dog in their house.  This year they said they’d put the cats upstairs and we could bring Zoe as a trial run.  We brought her travel crate just in case, but she was beautifully behaved!  She loved on everyone, went potty in the pouring rain like a champ, and had a great time! She even wore her Santa hat for a few pictures. My loves Then it was time to open her stocking. This looks like it's for me, Dad! Next it was time to cuddle with Grandpapa. A little bit of Grandpapa & Zoe love All the festivities can make a girl tired. It was time to chill out with Daddy. Zoe & her dad chillin like villians We had a fabulous crown roast for dinner.  And a great time with CSP’s side of the family.

Christmas Eve my family came to our house to celebrate.  We all brought fun party food and enjoyed hanging out with each other.  I was too busy being a hostess to take pictures.  I’m really regretting that now.  More photos here.