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Get ready to squeal

A few weeks ago Lisa sent me the link to a YouTube video that was so gross & squeal worthy I promptly forwarded it to friends and family. Out of curiosity I thought I’d see if anyone else out there thought to record their zits, cysts, & boils. Oh Em Gee. You would NOT BELIEVE how many videos there are of people squeezing, popping, slicing, and poking at all their bumps.  I have never in my life seen such giant growths just hanging out on peoples’ skin!  Don’t believe me?  Go to YouTube and type in the search bar cyst, pimple, boil, or zit.  You might want a puke bucket handy!

5 thoughts on “Get ready to squeal”

  1. I have no shame admitting that I love watching these videos. The grosser the better. B thinks I am one sick individual, but the squick factor of people freaking out over the smell and grossness makes the videos even better.

    Once I get started watching, I am fascinated and just cant stop! Grody, but true.


    1. Me too! I love them! I was watching a couple while picking them out for this post and I was thinking “Why don’t I know anyone with a big cyst for me to pop?”


  2. Oh Em Gee doesn’t begin to describe it. Holy freaking cow that was disgusting! I love the fact he chose to enjoy beer before his beloved sliced him open with an X-acto knife and proceeded to mop up the goop with a paper towel. C.l.a.s.s.y.


  3. I watched the exact video clip. I could not believe what I was seeing. That guy should have gone to a Dr. to have that thing lanced. I can’t believe he let someone slice it open with an exacto knife. That video was disgusting, but I had to watch it…..lolol


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