Respect the ‘stache

I’ve noticed lately that the mustache had made a comeback!  Maybe not on lots of faces, but definitely on gifts and fun housewares.  Some may claim differently, but I’m sure the ‘stache’s newfound popularity is thanks to me & Senor Mustachio.  Senor Mustachio is Shannon HG’s husband Tony.  I met him and his stache and promptly named him Senor Mustachio cause he rocks the stache like it’s his job.  People notice when you’re confident and I bet the world saw Tony and his sexy rexy alter ego Senor Mustachio and said “I have got to get in on that action!”

If you’re itchin to rock a ‘stache of your own, check out some of the mustache themed items I’ve found online!  I looove this mirror.  How cute are these socks?   Even your dog can get in on the mustache rage with this toy. Cafe press has a gajillion mustache themed items.  And there’s even an App for that!  I used the app Mustache Me to give Emily a mustache to match her daddy’s.Like father, like daughter! So cute!!

2 thoughts on “Respect the ‘stache”

  1. You know I married him for his 70s porn mustache. 🙂 HA HA HA HA

    He’ll kill me if he knew I put that on the WORLD WIDE WEB! BWAH HA HA HA


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