Know when to hold ’em

We are seriously Vegas people.  We don’t get to go nearly as often as we’d like (twice ever actually) but if we could go once a month we totally would.  So you’d think that I’d be all over an online gambling site and online casino, right?  But see, the fun for me is not necessarily winning (although of course I want to win) but my fun is in how long I can go before I lose my money.  That’s why in Vegas I play the penny slots.  I get 100 plays per $1 vs 4 if I played the quarter slots.  Now I know that the higher the risk, the higher the reward, but I know my odds people.  And they aren’t good.  So I’m in it for the experience, for the entertainment. I like to hear the clink, clink, clink of the coins as they pay out.  Now, though they don’t even use coins any more.  So now that I think about it, online gambling wouldn’t be much different.  At least online, in my own home, I wouldn’t end up smelling like smoke later.  I wouldn’t get free drinks either.

The online casinos now have all the games you’d play in Vegas- right online!  Roulette, slots, black jack, all kinds.   CSP loves black jack and can make $10 last a good while on a machine.  He doesn’t play blackjack on the tables because the minimum bets are too rich for our blood.  I know that some of the games require and use skill, like poker and black jack, but frankly, most gambling is all about luck.  And I’m thinking that if you are playing against a computer instead of people then luck probably is not on your side.

I have a feeling that online gambling can suck you in more quickly than real life gambling in a casino.  If you’re at home on your sofa in your pajamas, it’s a lot easier to lose track of time than if you were sitting in a casino.  I know there are no windows or clocks there, but at home it’s worse!  I know I’ve lost track of time playing Facebook games online at home.  I’m sure I’d really lose track of time if I were playing slots or roulette! Especially if money were involved!

I’m wondering if during this recession the online casinos are suffering?  I know I can’t imagine spending any money gambling right now!

2 thoughts on “Know when to hold ’em”

  1. I agree with everything you said about online gambling. Also i think it would feel even more like “fake” money or something. When you’re gambling in real life, its obvious that this is MY MONEY because whn you run out you have to go to an ATM machine. But online…it would feel more disjointed…like a video game, you know? Like monopoly money. I think it would be SO much easier to overindulge.


  2. Sadly, even in this recession, people are still addicted to gambling. If anything, the need to “win big” can resonate even stronger during hard times and during the holiday season. You’re smart for not getting involved with that stuff – the online is even more dangerous because several of them take credit cards!


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