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Autumn reader

I’ve read some new books lately and added them to my Books Read in 2009 list bringing my total up to 36 so far for the year.  I read this batch in the mountains the last couple times we’ve been going up & I finished one just last night here at home.  For some reason when the leaves start to change I get back in the mood to read.  I’m just not a good Summer reader.  When it was time to go to the mountains the last time I panicked a little because I didn’t have a book to read and neither did CSP.  So I went to the library to pick some up.  I got there with 15 minutes before they closed & they started squawking on their intercom about them closing every 2 minutes while I was there.  So I had to do a mad dash around the library for reading material.  I went to new adult fiction & grabbed a couple then headed over to my favorite spot- Large Print Adult Fiction.  I can read for hours and hours and not hurt my eyes. CSP says I’m denying old people their reading pleasure, but hey, it’s first come first serve baby.  I’m not knocking grannies down or wrenching mystery novels out of shriveled little hands.
Lemme tell you about the latest reads.  First of all I had started reading Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner, who I love.  But the main character started talking about hiring a surrogate to have a child & I just couldn’t hang with that.
I did finish the following:
  1. Hide, Lisa Gardner hide — Fabulous!  Suspenseful.  Like watching a movie in my brain.
  2. Immoral, 9780312939724Brian Freeman — Also fabulous!  Reminded me a little of Jennifer’s Body without all the blood and gore & hipster speak.
  3. Salem Falls, n83036Jodi Piccoult —Loved this book right up until the last couple of chapters.  I lost sleep staying up to read this book, excited for the big trial at the end (not a spoiler, it tells you that on the flap).  It just seemed like the author got tired and wrapped it up quick as she could so she could take a nap.  Felt jilted.
  4. Naughty Neighbor, {AEE05013-6D50-4A52-BD64-12A76CBDE9F4}Img200Janet Evanovich —I’ve never read her until this book.  I picked it because it had a cute cover & synopsis on the back.  Fun book until just before the end and then I have to pronounce it the stupidest book I’ve ever read in my life.  EVER.

Hopefully my requested books will start coming in soon.  I was pleased with a couple of the happy accidents I stumbled upon in my streak through the library.

Any suggestions for me?  I was impressed with y’all’s suggestions before, and some of them are in my library queue right now.

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    1. I tried really hard to keep up with my reading list on FB, but like latch-hook, knitting, scrapbooking, and piano, it fell by the wayside.

      I couldn’t read Certain Girls either, and I paid full price for the hardback. Wished I didn’t.

      Have you read Something Borrowed by Emily Giffen? I don’t really condone affairs, but this one was really good.

      I liked Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series until around 13 or so, but they became redundant. I can’t do her “romance” novels like the one you read. They’re all that dumb!

      If you want cute and funny try Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me. Snappy dialogue and the main character is childless by choice, curvy, and has cute shoes – and a dog!

      Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married by Marian Keyes is a good one too!


      1. Thanks VT! I added all the books you suggested (save the Janet Evanovich ones, don’t think I can forgive her just yet) to my library queue. xo


    2. Jodi Picoult ALWAYS does that. I love her stories.. love them. until the end. Its like she loses her steam. or her momentum and they all just peter off into wierdness. Her stories never end like I think they should. Im glad Im not the only one who thinks that!

      20’s girl by Sophie Kinsella was fun. I loved Pack Up the Moon by Anna McPartlin too. (its REALLY sad though)


    3. None of Janet Evanovich’s non-“numbers” books are good, but her Stephanie Plum series is fun. They’re light, easy reads. Give them a try when you think you can try her again. 🙂


    4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It’s supposed to be “teen fiction” but it is teen the way Twilight is. You can totally get into as an adult. I’d lend you my copy but it’s on Kindle. I DO however have the 2nd book (which just came out) in hardback, which you are welcome too. Trust me, the minute you finish Hunger Games, you will want the 2nd book, Catching Fire. They are AMAZING, and lots of action. Plus, they are make you think books.

      Also Outlander historical romance fiction/time travel. Kind of a wierd genre, but it wasn’t bad. A little long, but overall, a good story.


    5. I just started reading the Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books and they are hilarious. Her romance novels aren’t great (Foul Play was dumb, dumb, dumb), but the Plum books are awesome. My favorite new obsession!


    6. P.S. I also will check out the large-print books from the library. Sometimes they are the only ones available in a series that I’m reading. Extra benefit for me…I can read them on the train while standing up and not lose my place a dozen times when I have to move out of people’s ways.


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