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So I had to replace my Blackberry.  I went a week without a mobile phone while researching phones on the internet.  During which time I found out that Apple iPhones have a 3G model that is the same price ($99) that we paid for my Blackberry.  Well!  That was certainly good news!  All the recent commercials talked about the 3GS which was out of my price range.  white-iphone-3gLucky for me it was recently my birthday and I had received just enough cash to cover the $99 price tag.  I had been coveting an iPhone since its release a couple years ago.  Now, it’s no secret that I’m a techno geek who loves gadgets and Apple.  But y’all. Srsly. I am so in love with my iPhone. I literally lost sleep playing with it the first couple nights.  I spent way too much time downloading all the free apps ever made.  I have a few apps to tell y’all about that I just love, but that’s another post.

If you know me and my history with electronics, one of the first things I do is buy the accessories to go with them.  I totally scored when I ordered my iPhone accessories.  Wanna know what I got for $22 including shipping?

Yeah that’s right, all that for $22 including shipping.  Where?  Here.  At AND they partner with Ebates so after my purchase another $1.90 went into my Ebates account. Oh snap.

Who out there also has an iPhone?

4 thoughts on “iSwoon”

  1. Coolness, Shannypants. Terry has had an iPhone for a year and my contract comes up for renewal in October and then I’ll get one, too. Aren’t they the coolest?


  2. I have a firend who has an iPhone (she’s a gadget magnet and had to have it when it first came out). She hates it. Everytime I call her, she sounds muffled. She gets terrible service here in the desert. Her apps lock up all the time and she is constantly trying to fix it. I am an apple fan (we have two MAC laptops-I will never – ever go back to the PC), but I am not sold on the iphone yet.


  3. Hi! I have an iphone and love it! I have a 3G, too. I got an iphone case called the Griffin “Clarifi”, it has a built-in slider lens which allows you to take clear macro photos. That has been SO handy, I love it. The 3Gs has auto-focus and can do macro on it’s own. But our 3G’s don’t have that. I really love it. Isn’t the iphone addicting? My girlfriend just got her first iphone a month ago and she is still in “omg this is so cool!” mode. 🙂


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