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The Pug Whisperer

Today we leave for Vegas.  If you’re wondering what’s going to happen to the pugs while we’re gone, no worries.  They won’t even know we’ve left!  Last night after work CSP picked his mom up from her house.  She spent the night with us and will be staying her on staycation while we’re in Vegas.  When I tell you that the pugs love their Grandmama, it is a vast understatement.  Kiki getting some love from CSP's mom They will knock CSP over to get to her.  I could be covered in bacon and they’d speed past me to jump into her arms.  She has the shine.  See Kiki in MIL’s arms?  Yeah, she won’t let ANYONE else hold her like that.  Or at all really.  And MIL can walk around holding Kiki for hours.  It’s amazing!  FIL will be visiting MIL while she’s here spoiling my puggy babies.  I know they are in good, loving hands.  I’ll leave some earplugs on your night stand, MIL. (the snoring was a bit shocking last time)

We’ll be bringing home a fabulous thank you gift from Sin City!