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Naughty kitchen tool

Final story from the family visit.  So, the night of the big dinner party I was busy cooking when Sara asked me for a phone book.  I pointed to the cabinet where we keep them and went back to cooking. All the sudden I hear GASP! “I’m gonna tell Nanny what you keep with your phone books!”

I’m thinking “What? Printer paper?”  I asked Sara what did she mean.  She pulled this out:

It’s our Pedipaws .  Sara thought it was an adult pleasure tool!  And that I kept it in the kitchen!  I couldn’t believe it!  She said “Well, you don’t have kids yet so why not keep it handy?”

By now our exchange had drawn attention from our dinner guests.  I then had to explain to 11 people that I don’t keep my toys next to the can opener!

3 thoughts on “Naughty kitchen tool”

  1. We have one of those too (they work fab) and we keep it in the kitchen junk drawer. I admit it does look like that (albiet a rather large and noisy one) and I’m paranoid when we have people over people will think that, too! How funny!!!


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