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Salty dogs

Papa & Gigi converted their pool to salt water a couple months ago, just in time for the warm weather.  I tried it out on Mother’s Day.  Morgan, Mom & I swam for just over 2 hours.  The difference between the chlorinated pool and the salt water pool is just amazing!

Cons: the initial cost to convert the pool.  That’s it!


  • Cost: before Papa & Gigi had to spend about $80 a month on pool chemicals.  No more!  Salt is super cheap & rarely has to be added.
  • Fewer bugs.  You know how you have to skim out the pool before you swim?  Now it takes no time at all because there are so few bugs!  And no frogs or snakes either.
  • Taste.  I was wondering if it would taste like I was swimming in the ocean.  Not at all.  It’s like swimming in saline/contact lens solution.
  • Doesn’t sting your eyes.  I opened my eyes under water while swimming and there was no sting.  Also, my eyes didn’t get all red afterward.
  • Skin/Hair-  Usually after swimming my skin feels really tight and it dries out.  As soon as I got in the water I could tell a difference.  It was softer and my skin felt smoother.  After swimming there was no tightness or dryness.  And my hair felt like it had been conditioned instead of all brittle from chlorine.  I could run my fingers through it both in and out of the water with no problem.  I have excema so the skin thing is a huge deal to me.
  • No pruney fingers.  This was weird.  We didn’t prune up.  2+ hours in the pool and no wrinkly fingers.  I also didn’t get thirsty like I usually do while swimming.  Wonder if those two things are related.
  • No chemical smell.  I could smell the flowers surrounding the pool instead of chlorine.
  • Other benefits: easier on your bathing suits (won’t bleach them out). Won’t ruin your highlights or hair color. More gentle on pool toys.  The salt & the pump equipment still produce chlorine- just naturally through the salt.  No more pool shock chemicals.  No stinging eyes when you get splashed.

I’m so excited about swimming at Papa & Gigi’s this summer!