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My Loves

Besides my husband, who (whom?) I’ve been loving for almost 11 years now, and marriedly loving for 8, I’m loving a few other things.

1.  HOW CUTE ARE THESE???  Ok, so once April gets here it will mark 3 years of me wearing nothing but Crocs shoes.  So comfy and cute.  Not to mention inexpensive- there’s no reason to wear anything else!  And now they’ve come out with these and I’m smitten!  2384_1_blackwhite I just need this darn recession to turn around and maybe I can justify the purchase.

2.  Pink dolphin!  I want to kiss this little guy right on his nose/beaky thing.  PD*27279511

3.  IKEA baby blue bags!  As part of their grand opening promotions, if you buy something at the Swede shoppe they give you a baby blue bag!  LOVE it!  We have lots of the big blue bags, but sometimes they are just too big.  The baby bag is perfect for taking books back to the library, and just adding to the cuteness of the world.  I tried to find a pic online but all I could find was one where they were being sold.  Now at my IKEA they aren’t for sale right now, but who knows?  That might change.  ikeabag1

6 thoughts on “My Loves”

  1. Oh cool! I love the baby IKEA bag… I have a big one (which is handy for major shopping), but too big for everything else. Gotta get some little ones!


  2. omg not even an hour ago i told bobby i wanted those crocs!! haha he had asked me if i wanted to stop at the croc outlet store they never have anything in my size in the colors i like so i was like no i’ll just get the flippy ones that i’ve been wanting! they sell them at the hallmark store of all places!


  3. I have 2 of those ikea HUGE bags… love them… but too bad crocs are so wide… I can’t wear them… but omg they have sleeping beauty and ariel crocs… ohh now to get some money to get Lore them….


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