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My Loves

Besides my husband, who (whom?) I’ve been loving for almost 11 years now, and marriedly loving for 8, I’m loving a few other things.

1.  HOW CUTE ARE THESE???  Ok, so once April gets here it will mark 3 years of me wearing nothing but Crocs shoes.  So comfy and cute.  Not to mention inexpensive- there’s no reason to wear anything else!  And now they’ve come out with these and I’m smitten!  2384_1_blackwhite I just need this darn recession to turn around and maybe I can justify the purchase.

2.  Pink dolphin!  I want to kiss this little guy right on his nose/beaky thing.  PD*27279511

3.  IKEA baby blue bags!  As part of their grand opening promotions, if you buy something at the Swede shoppe they give you a baby blue bag!  LOVE it!  We have lots of the big blue bags, but sometimes they are just too big.  The baby bag is perfect for taking books back to the library, and just adding to the cuteness of the world.  I tried to find a pic online but all I could find was one where they were being sold.  Now at my IKEA they aren’t for sale right now, but who knows?  That might change.  ikeabag1


Why does the universe torture me so?

Every year I buy the boys Crocs for their birthdays. They love their Crocs.  I ordered them their Crocs again this year, and went up a size like I usually do so they can wear them all year.  Well, I don’t have kids yet so I’m not familiar with the size charts.  And since I don’t make bronze casts of their feet every year I don’t know exactly what their sizes are. Sara told me what size they are now, so I just went up one from that on the little pull down menu. Well, Joey’s shoes arrived just fine. But look what they sent me for Jacob.Teeniest Crocs ever! The tiniest Crocs ever! OMG I want to chew them or hang them from my rear view mirror in my car. They are SO cute. Of course I have to send them back. And I will. Tomorrow. I can’t have such tiny shoes in my house. Hurts my heart a little.

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If it’s free it’s for CSP!

Remember when I told you I won a free pair of Crocs? Well the peeps at were awesome and let me pick out whichever pair I wanted off of So I picked Mary Janes in silver. Well Shoe Buy was out of Mary Janes in any color. I could have waited for them to restock but then I saw the Scutes. crocs190626_99415_lg.jpg And I knew CSP would love a pair of Scutes to wear around the house watering the lawn and what not. I changed my request to Black on Black Scutes for men size 13. They were shipped here super fast and CSP loves em. I knew I would make him a croc fan eventually!

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Mall stalker

At the urging of my sister I went ahead and joined an online local mom’s group. I’ve already met one adoptive mom (from yesterday’s play date) and have chatted with and learned from many more adoptive moms. The bio moms aren’t too bad either 😉 So one of the moms is selling Citipass books for her child’s PTA. I wanted one and we made arrangements to meet at the mall’s play area at 9:30 this morning. I got there and realized I couldn’t remember her real name, just her screen name. So I walked up to the play area and asked the moms inside if any of them were from my mom’s group.
Are you Shannon?
You just missed her! She went that way. You can probably catch her if you hurry. Her son was acting up.
Oh no! Thanks. What’s her name?
I don’t know. All I know is her screen name.
Me too! Well, what’s she wearing?
I don’t remember. But she has brown hair and is pushing a stroller.

*Let me just tell you that it was before the mall opened and the mall was teaming with mall walkers. And I’d say roughly half were moms with brown hair and strollers.

Ok thanks!

And off I ran, or rather limped quickly as my sprained ACL in my right knee is still healing. Let me set the scene. I was wearing a lavendar outfit comprised of crop pants and v neck long sleeved top and light blue Crocs. I am not a runner. I am aware that I need to get in shape. And I was hot. And when I get hot I turn red. After passing a few stores I spotted a woman with longish brown hair and a blue stroller. So I picked up the pace and decided to call out to her. But what? All I knew was “lilmomma” her screen name. So I figured I’d just yell my own name and hopefully she’d hear it and think hey I was supposed to meet a Shannon.

Shannon!! Shannon!!

OMG I’m yelling my own name in a mall. All I got was a few odd looks from the shop keepers opening up for the day. I tried yelling Ma’am! But then every woman within 50 feet of me EXCEPT HER turned around. I thought of asking the freakishly fast power walkers to tell her to wait for me when they caught up with her but then realized that was seriously stalkerish.
Luckily she slowed up a bit at a couple of points and the crowd thinned a bit once we’d covered half the lap around the mall. So I broke out into the following screaming refrain:


Over and over I yelled this, like some bizarre window shopper with Tourettes. She looked over her shoulder in my direction from time to time but apparently didn’t see me waving my arms. Then a group of people passed in front of her and I was finally able to get within 20 feet or so. I yelled Ma’am!! one more time and she finally turned around and looked at me.

I’m Shannon! Please stop!

“Oh hey!,” She said and we made our way to some benches where I collapsed in a sweaty, huffing & puffing, Easter egg colored heap. “I thought someone was following me!”
Really? Cause you could have turned around at oh, mile 8 and saved me a heart attack! I bought my book and we chatted for a while before walking back the way we came to our cars.

There better be some damn good coupons in this book.

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Snow day

Today we had a bit of a snow. At my house we got maybe 2 inches. The whole city was shut down. Other parts of town got a bit more though, in some parts up to 5 inches. It was Molly’s first snow and at first she didn’t know what to think of it. She quickly formed an opinion though and decided she wasn’t much of a fan. Kiki decided a couple of years ago that the best place to be on a snowy day is inside. So no snowy Kiki pics.

After getting CSP off to work I met up with my neighbor C & her 2 daughters E & M for some snow play. C’s husband D stayed inside with baby boy C. I wore my Crocs boots * and was all excited about it too. Then as play time came to an end I realized my boots had some serious suction going on with my feet (even though I’d sprinkled them with baby powder as advised). So I asked C if she could help me get my boots off. I sat on her 3rd step of her stairs and she stood on the floor and pulled with all her might. By the time both boots were off we had worked up a sweat, laughed hysterically, did some serious huffing and puffing, and I was on the floor 5 feet from the stairs- she had pulled me all that way! Her husband D was holding the baby and threatening to get the camera the whole time. Her girls were on either side of me wide eyed. The 2 1/2 year old said to me “Wow, that was close Miss Shannon.” Indeed.

*By the way, while getting the link for this post I noticed that Crocs has some new models coming out for Spring. WAY cute ones too in fabulous color combos. Damn you Crocs and your adorable, yet comfy shoes!! Don’t you know I’m on a budget?! Oh well, a girl can dream, right?

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Look at me, I’m white and nerdy

First I want to sing the praises of our Mac. Computer-wise this move could not have been easier. I unplugged everything at the old house, plugged in at the new house, took the new DSL modem out of the box, plugged it in and boom shakalaka I’m on the internet. I heart Mac. No software to download or cds to install. Just plug in and go.

This, my dears, is my Tupperware cabinet. My new kitchen has more cabinets than the old one so the Tupperware got a promotion to an upper cabinet. Note the empty shelves up top. I can’t reach those bad boys even on my step stool. This house was built by giants. The 6 foot 5 inch CSP could be hiding a stash of porn and smack in the cabinets over the fridge and I’d never know. Anyway, I love Tupperware with a passion that can only be rivaled by the love I feel for Pampered Chef & Crocs. Keeping my Tupperware cabinet this organized for at least the next month is my primary goal. Go ahead and gaze at it with wonder and amazement. What’s that you say? Why yes, my lids and flat-out bowls are color coordinated. So nice of you to notice. Yep, take a good look, cause as soon as CSP unloads the dishwasher for the first time, this cabinet will be sure to look like a drink beaver came through here after losing an eye in a bar brawl.