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New Sara update…sort of

The official note she sent to the fam & friends: I went to see the hematologist again today and he says we are now in stage 2 of the process, which is the figuring out exactly what it is stage, because there is not much more improvement and he can only keep me on steroids for so long. That being said, I am better now than I was when I first started seeing him months ago. The steroids did help a quite a bit. He did say that he’s pretty certain that it is not lymphoma, which is really good. It actually might be a defect that I was born with. I will go to Presbyterian Hospital on Thursday morning to get some tests done and depending on those results I may be going up to Chapel Hill for a day of tests. Fun. lol! But whatever it takes is fine. I’m tough. 🙂 And then we’ll have an answer and be able to move on!
I’ll let you know more when I do. Thank you again for thinking of me. 🙂


Now, if it is a congenital thing then Jake & Joey may need to be tested.  Same for me and my mom even.  This is so frustrating.  I wish they would just fix her.

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  1. That has to be so frustrating and scary for her and you all. Hang in there! I’m so glad science and medicine is as advanced as it is now and just keeps getting better.


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