What’s in a name?

DH & I were watching HGTV the other day and looked at each other in surprise when the host of the show said the homeowner’s name. Surely we heard wrong. But no. Her name was Spontaneous. And not too long ago there was a Lasagna on Price is Right. As in Italian pasta dinner Lasagna. Pronounced the same way. 

I used to be a bookkeeper in college and I processed a check once from a J. Peter Semen. And our uncle swears he went to high school with a girl named Ima Hoar.   I used to work with a Shasta, Valencia, and a Princess.

So what strange, unique, or weird names have you come across?

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  1. There was just a story online the other day about a judge in New Zealand (I think) that ordered a family to change a childs name. They named her something like…

    Talula does the hula from Hawaii (that whole thing was her name)

    They also said a few others were denied like

    Fish and Chips
    Yeah Detroit
    Keenan got Lucy and Sex Fruit

    Violence and Number 16 bus shelter were allowed (supposedly they have an office that can refuse to let you name your kid something stupid)-someone was sleeping on the job a time or two think

    I went to school with a Charity Church


  2. I went through high school with a girl named Crystal Ball. I still remember the (&^% she caught from everybody.


  3. I was just going to mention that article. I just knew a kid who’s parents were big time drug addicts and they named him Lenny Steven Depwig. So his initials would be LSD. Kid was weird and proud of it and turned into an addict himself.


  4. As a teacher, I come across strange and bizarre names all the time. This past year I had a boy named Tihjae… his mom liked TJ for a name, but I guess she didn’t like using initials and decided to spell it out. I also know a girl name Sista — you know, southern for “sister”.


  5. One of my pharmacy patients first name is Cafeteria…I kid you not. So whenever i call her i have to say “hi cafeteria, your rx is ready”…weird


  6. thing two goes to school with a
    Delasia,a MaNasia and a Nyasia, Tykwon, a Mykwon and a Dykwon.


  7. Sadly confidentiality rules prevent me from sharing the best ones, but a co-worker of mine has a sister adopting a second time. Daughter #1 refers to her future sibling as “Peaches Dawn Dawn.” Her mom adamantly refuses to use it, though.


  8. thats funnnny…

    my best friends name is Krystal Blue..

    i think she should pass the middle name to her baby but she was always so ashamed of it!

    we wanted to name my brother Justin Time haha


  9. A few I’ve come across

    Orangello (orange jello)

    Yellangelo (yellow jello)

    Lacy Sheets

    Gracie Lacy

    Satin Sheets

    And lateley, I’ve come across a few too many named:

    Nevaeh (heaven backward).

    I really believe God doesn’t want you to name your kid after his house or his skillz.

    BTW – there was a Spontaneous on America’s Next Top Model either last season or the season before.



  10. There’s a urologist in Austin named Richard Chopp.

    I think it’s mean when parents duplicate last names…like Thomas J. Thomas.

    In our local paper, a cop investigating a fatal accident was named Jack D. Ripper. Ugh!


  11. I went to school with a Chuck Nutt. I could go on with a few names but that would be breaking patient confidentiality laws. LOL.


  12. My own. Some folks just can’t seem to pronounce it. I used to hate how different it sounded but now I like it. Not so much how difficult it is to pronounce though:)


  13. A girl in my neighborhood growing up was Kelley Green. And there is a Precious that works at CiCi’s pizza down the street from work. I asked her if it got annoying to have a name like that and she said Yes! most definitely did not like her stupid name. Who does that to a kid. Sure it’s cute when you’re two, but this girl will have to go her whole life with people going “Precious, my precious” a la the Hobbit. sheesh.


  14. Oh and I forgot. A lady I used to do TKD with, her grand daughter’s name is Neveah, which is Heaven backwards. How stupid is that?


  15. My dad went to school with a girl named Mary Christmas. I dated a guy in college named John Kelly. My name could have been Kelly Kelly 🙂
    Oh, and don’t forget the weatherman here named Larry Sprinkle. The weatherman from my hometown named his daughter Wendy Gale!


  16. There was a guy in my program in college whose last name was Tittsworth. Another guy had the last name Kermode (commode).

    Oh, and I’ve nominated you for an award.


  17. I went to school with a girl whose initials were “K.K.K.” How awful is that? I knew a girl named Chiquita (like the banana), and I heard about a girl at our school named Sugar. My mom knew a girl called Fonda Peters. LOL! 🙂 Let’s see … there’s a Dr. Kopff in Albany (yes, pronounced Dr. Cough). Jeff’s dentist is Dr. Dong, LOL! 🙂 Reminds me of “Long Duck Dong” in “Sixteen Candles”! At our church, I helped take care of a little girl whose name was pronounced “Keeva,” but the actual name was spelled something like Caoimhe (Gaelic/Irish). I liked that one, though. Let’s see … I had a friend in HS who wanted to be a doctor because his last name was “Payne.” Yes, Dr. Payne! 🙂


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