Prom 2008

Today was Morgan’s Senior Prom. Prom might really happen at night, but for us it’s an all day affair. I arrived at my mom’s house around 2:30 with my make up. We spent the next 2.5 hours getting Momo all gussied up. I did her make up while Mom did her hair and Sara took pictures. I managed to get a few pics in myself. Mom was curling Morgan's hair, I was doing her makeup and Sara was taking pictures! We went with a navy smoky eye. We went with a navy smoky eye (this is pre mascara) Once Morgan was ready we all went to her friend Casey’s house where the rest of the group met up, and where the limo picked them up for the night. Her parents had a nice backyard where we took a lot of pictures. The girls & the boys The girls all looked just beautiful and the boys were so cute! Most importantly they all had a great time!

More pics here.

3 thoughts on “Prom 2008

  1. Ok, people must tell Momo all the time that she’s gorgeous, right? I probably don’t even need to mention it. šŸ™‚

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