Florida Fun Day 4!

Thursday- Day 4 (last day in Orlando):

Mom & I woke up and had breakfast. We went back to the room where Papa called us to find out where we were. He said “You’re supposed to be having lunch with Speedy.” What?? The night before we had run into one of Papa’s work/conference guys at dinner and he asked us to breakfast or lunch. Well, at the time my Mom had a noon appointment to get her hair cut. I said so. So Speedy said he’d be hanging out around the hotel by the pool or in the lobby so we’d just probably run into him. Well Speedy must have had some wine with dinner cause now all the sudden we’re late for lunch! We were so full from breakfast but we ran downstairs and met up with Speedy for lunch. Mom got soup & I ordered a quesadilla and we both just kind of picked at our food and moved it around while Speedy ate.

So after lunch we took our stuffed selves and got the car from the valet. I got in and was fiddling around with my water bottle, trying to adjust the seat, etc. when I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around and there was Claudio from the Dominican Republic (said his name tag) still standing there! Poor guy had a nice view of my rear while I was fiddle farting around with the car. Oy. I bet he was wishing he was back in his homeland instead of having to deal with insane Southern women.

Mom really wanted to get her hair cut. So we spent some time with Goog 411 trying to find a salon that didn’t cost a million dollars for a cut & foil. Not easy in Orlando. Most places wanted $200! Yikes! So we just decided to drive until we saw a salon and just give it a try. In the meantime we came across the most beautiful Walmart we’d ever seen. Now I know Walmart & beautiful don’t normally go together, but this one was just so nice! We went in and ended up spending most the afternoon there. Who knew they would have a huge section of Disney stuff?? Mom got her hair cut & highlighted at the little salon at the front of the store. The girl did a great job. Mom & her new haircut

We ended up being there past 6 pm, so Papa went on to dinner with this couple friend of his and their little boy. They ended up at Fulton’s so it’s a good thing we didn’t make it back in time (since we’d just spent a mortgage payment there the night before). Mom and I decided to go to the Italian restaurant in the hotel, Andiamo Italian Restaurant. It was really pretty inside, and not crowded at all. Unfortunately they sat us right next to this family with a child who thought it was hilarious to scream for no apparent reason then laugh maniacally. So you know how I’ve been taking pics of our meals right? Well Thursday night was no exception so I whipped out the camera. My dinner at Andiamo.  Chicken, artichokes, tomatoes, shells in a cream sauce.  yum. The waiter saw me and asked if I was in the food business. Mom said “sort of” and I said I had a website. So we thought maybe he thought I was a food critic. I pulled out a pad and pen and pretended to take notes. It did seem like our service level went up a notch. Well then after dinner he asked if we’d like dessert. We said we’d like to see what you have. He brought us this gorgeous sampler and said with a big flourish, “this is for you”. Dessert at Andiamo Yay! We scored free food critic dessert!  (At first I thought it was the fake sampler some restaurants have so you can choose your dessert, but when I stuck my finger in one it turns out it was real.  The martinis on display out front were real too.  Stuck my finger in the green one).  So there we are all proud of ourselves with our free dessert and fine service.  He brought us the bill and do you know that man charged us $13.50 for that dessert?!?  We didn’t even order it!  And we wouldn’t have ordered a $13.50 dessert!  That’s far outside my dessert budget!  Here we thought we were slick and we were suckered!

After dinner we ran into Papa & his group so we hung out in the ice cream parlor for a little while while they had ice cream and we digested our humble pie.  We went up to bed to end our last night in Orlando.  Next stop, Longboat Key!

More pics here.

***There are 2 stories I still have to tell you about Orlando, but they will show up under a password protected post.  Email me if you don’t have the password and want it.  heyshanny at gmail dot com.

***Also, don’t forget to take pics!  It’s PhoBloDays!

7 thoughts on “Florida Fun Day 4!

  1. I saw that dessert pic in your Flickr group yesterday, quite impressive and gorgeous! For a sec I thought you were going to say you scored that for free. They were pretty sneaky to do that! It looks really yummy though.

  2. I forgot all about the photo challenge, darn it i was going to participate also. I just wanted to say that story about the desserts was so funny, I could totally see myself thinking I has scored something only to see it on my bill later…and then what can you really say if you ate it? LOL too funny!

  3. Your Mom’s hair looks great! You are killing me with all of these food pictures. They all look so yummy.

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