Family values

Monday I got a call from Jake asking for a pair of silly socks. He needed them for silly sock day at school. So CSP, Zoe, & I went over to deliver silly socks and spend a couple hours with our nephews. Sara was at her photography class so it was just me and the boys. While we were there I told Jake to go get his new girlfriend to show Uncle Jon. Jake carried her out by the neck and announced “This is Barbie Girl. She’s always naked.” click to enlarge This is Barbie Girl, she's always naked I swear that kid cracks me up! I love how Joey’s looking at her in this photo:Barbie Girl- my nephews' new girlfriend You can tell he’s all proud and in love with her. And plotting his next move: Joey plants a big one on Barbie Girl
Meanwhile, Zoe was getting the once over from Lucy & Ally. Lucy checking Zoe outJake covered in dogs Then later Zoe & her daddy kicked back at the “bar” (in the kitchen). Zoe kickin back with her dad More photos from our visit here.