Oh, and

So I was thinking and I’d like to name some jewelry items after my favorite bloggy peeps….that’s you!  So when you leave a comment entering your name in the free earrings contest, be sure to leave me your favorite color.   And you just might see something cute named after you in my shop!

And check back often for new products!  Coming soon….more earrings!  more bracelets!  necklaces!  more growth charts!  so much cuteness!

13 thoughts on “Oh, and

  1. The “Sophie” earrings are SO cute! Too bad I don’t have pierced ears. I think I may be the only grown woman in the America that doesn’t?? : )

  2. Too bad Mrs D….I have pierced ears and I like the
    “Sophie” ones too!! Hey you should just buy them for
    your friends. Buy them for ME!

  3. Can I be a green or a hot pink? Just nothing black and white spotted like a cow, I get that joke a lot. 🙂

  4. If you have some jewelry that’s awesome, gorgeous, wonderful and totally super delicious – then you should name it after me: NEVIS……!!!!!

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