Cutting the cord, some other stuff, and a question for you

Saturday we awoke to a note on our door that our neighbor accidentally cut the telephone cable. This is a problem since our internet is DSL. I felt like a true American Pioneer as I tried to survive until today without phone or the web. It amazed me how often over the course of 2 days I would think “Oh I’ll just google that.” or “Ooh, I need to put that in my queue.” So I ended up just having to make a mental list of things I wanted to tell y’all.

    My new issue of Real Simple smells like a Cover Girl powder, you know, that Noxema smell. I’d forgotten how much I love that smell.

    I’ve been loving me some Craisins lately.

    I’ve also been loving Tori & Dean: Inn Love. Although it was kind of off putting to see Sylar at a baby shower a couple of weeks ago.
    CSP has been having to work some overnights. This sucks in ways I can’t even describe. I’ve had to resort to using sleep aid pills to get to sleep. The upside is I’ve been reading a lot more (since it’s taking me SO FREAKIN LONG to get to sleep) and I’ve really enjoyed the following books: The Glass Castle, Water for Elephants (esp this one), The Constant Princess, and I’m currently digging Little Children.
    I also spent some quality after midnight time late last week reading all about Chew’s horrible experience with her adoption agency.
    The long version is now gone and has been replaced with a shorter, yet no less important of a read, version. The whole situation is just heartbreaking for everyone involved, and I salute her bravery in posting the truth.

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Like, gag me with a spoon y’all

I got in trouble the other day for my potty mouth. Moi? With a potty mouth? Can’t be! I rarely curse, and if I do it’s usually in the PG-13 range. Ass, damn, hell & if I’m really mad the occasional s&%t. But when I’m around kids I really do pay attention to how I speak. Or so I thought. I was at my neighbor C’s house tonight when she told me that her 4 year old daughter was looking for something the other day and exclaimed “Oh my God!”. C told her she shouldn’t say that and E responded with “Why, does Jesus get mad?” and then followed up with “Why don’t you get mad when Miss Shannon says it?” Uh oh. Who knew I said it so much? And it’s not really my fault as I am a child of the 80s and any girl who got through the valley girl days unscathed is a rarity. So I’ve got to come up with something else to exclaim. Any suggestions?

Reality check

I live in the Carolinas where we have 2 seasons- Summer & Not Quite Summer. It’s Summer now and I’m already ready for it to be over. SO hot. And it’s not even Hot Hot yet. Ugh.

Ever have this happen to you? Out and about running around doing errands and what not and I get home at the end of my day and everything’s fine. Then I go to get ready for bed and there’s a big honkin zit right there on my nose!?! Where the hell did that come from? I mentally ran through my day and pictured all my encounters with people wondering who I talked to and who spent the whole time staring at that horrible growth on my face. And all day I’m bee bopping around thinking I’m looking all cute cause I had perfectly blended eye shadow? What a dork.


Yesterday was my little sister Morgan’s first prom- her junior prom. I went over around noon and we had a lot of fun hanging out in the bathroom listening to music and doing hair and make up. My Mom did a killer job on Momo’s hair. And I did a kick ass job on her make up, if I do say so myself! By the way, Morgan’s only wearing clear lip gloss. People pay good money for lips that color!
Momo’s date was Josh- grandson of the next door neighbors. He’s visiting from Georgia for the summer. He went to a really strict high school that didn’t even have a prom so it’s cool he got to experience one. I love that proms are still steeped in tradition. They still wear corsages and boutinerres (sp??) and it’s just all so cute! I took a bajillion photos and here are some of my favorites: (click to enlarge).
Coming down the stairs: The rear view: The cute couple: Close up: