Y’all are so great I swear. I thank you thank you thank you for all of your supportive comments & emails. I know it will happen one day for us, this whole parenting thing, it just seems so far away sometimes. By the way, the 2nd country we had chosen was Guatemala. Guat seemed so perfect for us. Closer and easier to get to and all that. But now with issues with the Hague treaty and other hang ups in the system it just isn’t going to work for us. And when your agency urges you to switch countries so you won’t miss out on getting a child, it seems like you should listen.

In other news…some questions were asked in comments recently.
1. The grocery store where I shop & snapped that picture is called Bloom. LOVE Bloom. I’ll devote a post to them soon.
2. My hands & my crafty future: my hands should be better than ever soon. It should be easier for me to do crafts & jewelry because they won’t be tensing up and hurting all the time like they used to when I had the carpal tunnel. Just gotta let ol Lefty heal up for a few more weeks and then I’ll be good to go. I can’t tell you how much I miss crafting. Unpacking in the house has been slow goings with the hand surgeries and the bleeding and all and I still don’t even know where all my hobby things are. So I can’t wait to get my craft area set back up and get back to creating little lovelies. I’ll be sure to create a new batch of jewelry to sell.
3. BYH is Bless Your Heart. Silly.

I got my stitches out today and when the old skin fell off a hole in my hand appeared! ew! But by that time it was 2 hours later & I was far away from the dr’s office. I’ll take a pic for you later. Right now I gotta go deliver my nephew’s bike to his house. CSP & BIL put it together the other night over here and I gotta sneak it to my sister’s house in time for the party. That’s not our gift. The bike is from my sister & BIL. Jake’s getting a fire truck from us. Shhh. Don’t tell.

One of these things is not like the other

When CSP & I decided to adopt I started talking about it on my blog and that drew some new readers from the adoption world. BYH started to appear on blogrolls across Blogistan under “China Adoption” or “Paperchasing” etc. Then we slowed down a bit to figure out the finance end of things a little better. Meanwhile bloggy friends I’d met in the same China adoption boat had sailed on and gotten referrals and children or become LID. Then China booted us out. Then we chose country #2. And now that’s up in the air. And I’ve noticed that BYH doesn’t fit in anymore. On some blogrolls now BYH shows up as “other reads” or something along those lines. And that’s perfectly fine. Hey, it’s an honor to be nominated. But in some ways I feel like we over here at Casa de Heart have been left behind. It’s like everyone else had this great plan and everything went along the way it should except for us. Because as per usual I jumped right in before all the details were ironed out. Funny, I’ve never much cared about keeping up with the Joneses or being labeled. That is, until my label was infertile and non-mom. I know this may seem silly, but I just want BYH and us to end up under the “Parents” category soon.

CSP: mind reader & dream squasher

I was telling CSP about my trip to T@rget on Saturday where I scored a 60 pack of off brand pee pads. They work better for me with all this bleeding.

You know, on the box it says these pads hold like a cup and a half of liquid.
Come on. I’d be careful and do it in the bathroom.
No. That’s gross.
How do you know what I want to do?
I know you. You’ve got that “trouble” look in your eye.
You know you’re wondering if they really work too.
Don’t be a dream squasher.
I’ll support any dream that doesn’t involve willingly pissing your pants.