OBGYNo she didn’t!

Warning: obgyn talk ahead.
So yesterday was the medical day from hell for me. I mean, I know, it could be so, so much worse. I could be dead, or have cancer, or a sick child, or a laundry list of other problems. But the problems I do have are so frustrating to me I can’t even hardly tell you. Ok, so what you don’t know is that I’m on week 5 of constant, heavy bleeding. Back in June I had an endometrial ablation where they basically boiled my uterus out to stop literally months of heavy bleeding. Like can’t leave the house without wearing a Poise pad and sitting on a towel no unstained sheets or undies left bleeding. And it worked. I didn’t bleed. And then in November I bled a little but that was normal. Then again in December. Then it started in late January again and just hasn’t stop. All along I’ve been told that my next option was a hysterectomy. Not fun. So I called my obgyn and made an appointment, but first I asked if I could just have a phone appointment instead of driving so far with all the bleeding. And it wasn’t like she could examine me anyway, again with the bleeding. They said no that I had to come in because the hospital requires an exam, blood or not, within 30 days of surgery. So this meant I would surely be uterus free soon.
So I went. And the door was locked. So I went to the back of the same building I’ve been going to for over 8 years and that door was also locked. So I called and asked what door did I need to go through.

The lady said “Are you on Park Rd?”
Oh, well, we closed that office.
Ok well where are you now?
We’re at the corner of Blank Rd & Blanky Blank Rd.
I have no idea where that is.
(here she gives me directions)
Ok, well I’ll be there in a minute. But why wouldn’t y’all send out a notice that the office has moved?
Oh, well Blankety Blank hospital was supposed to send something out but I guess they didn’t.
Ok, well I’ll see you in a few minutes.
Oh, well by the time you get here you’ll have missed your appointment.
But I wouldn’t have if I’d been updated with the right location.
They didn’t tell you when they called?
No. (yeah, they told me but just for kicks I went to the wrong place)
Well let me see about rescheduling you. pause….. How’s tomorrow at 10:45.
-here’s where I start to cry-
Ma’am I HAVE to be seen today. You have no idea about the bleeding and what a pain it is to just get out of the house and I’ve driven all the way from Blanktown (45 minutes) and I’ll sit in the lobby all day til she can see me if necessary.
Sigh. Ok, hold on. ………… Ma’am? If you can be here at 1:45 she can see you.

So I got in and when I was called back to the exam room I hopped up on the table with my shaved legs and painted toenails and do you know she never examined me?? She told me she’d like to try an IUD before we get to the hysterectomy. I don’t want a hysterectomy, but I want to be fixed. I’m tired of feeling light headed and bleeding all the time. I’d like to have sex again. I’m married and when I was a teenager I thought marriage meant 24/7 sex and you can’t do that when your uterus is falling out! I’m tired of them telling me “well we don’t like to remove the uterus when you desire children” when they are the ones who told me I can’t get pregnant. Hell, SHE’s the one who sterilized me with boiling water! So I started crying again while on the table. It’s just so frustrating. I don’t have time for this not to work. I will hopefully have a baby in less than a year and I can’t be recovering from major surgery while trying to bring a child home from another country. And the IUD won’t even be in until like 2 weeks from now. She says it should work by releasing progesterone into my uterus to prevent the build up of the uterine lining. Last year I took progesterone orally to make the bleeding stop and that didn’t work, but she seems confident. Keep your fingers crossed. Cause if this doesn’t work I may just rip my uterus out myself!

Visit recap

Well, Lisa is safely back in Baltimore. I’m so glad she came. We had a great time!
Thursday night I picked her up from the airport and we came home with dinner and sobbed through Grey’s while Jon snickered.
Friday we got some breakfast, went grocery shopping for Saturday night’s dinner ingredients, then took my little sister Morgan to the cardiologist (she’s having heart palpitations and had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. We should have the results in a few days). Lisa was amazed at the grocery store where I shop. They have little hand held scanners that you scan your groceries with while you shop. Then all you have to do at the front of the store is pay. It saves so much time. She couldn’t believe you could shop on the honor system. Anyway, after the doctor we went to a late lunch, dropped Morgan off at home, then raced home to freshen up. We had a Circle that night. It was a lot of fun and we collected a huge amount of donations for Summit House.
Saturday Lisa & I hung out at the house preparing for a dinner party that night. We made 2 ginormous lasagnes and I put together a little salad bar. My next door neighbors C & D & their kids came over, as well as Sara, my nephews, Papa, Gigi, Morgan & her bfriend Moe. Including the baby there were 15 of us. C made brownies and cake for dessert and we all had a good time over dinner.
Sunday Lisa & I went to lunch at a diner where they had a new twist on the “suicide” (where you mix a whole bunch of sodas in one glass)- they add dill pickles to it! I’ve heard of peanuts in Coke, but dill pickles?? Then we made a Target stop where we discovered a Jamba Juice!!! I was so excited! I’ve heard of Jamba on LJC’s blog for years, but had no idea we had one in the next town over! Lisa & I each enjoyed a smoothie on the way home then settled in to watch the Oscars. It was so much more enjoyable to watch the Oscars with a dvr. We could fast forward right through acceptance speeches and awards of categories &/or people we weren’t interested in. Cut that 3+ hour show down to just about 2.
Monday we chilled out and put off packing her up for as long as we could. Then we hit Bojangles again so she could take some biscuits home to Pete and I dropped her off at the airport. I missed her as soon as I got home.

Lime time

We finished painting our kitchen! We left a couple inches unpainted near the ceiling for future crown molding. Besides the crown, all we have left to do is add the knobs to the cabinets and hang curtains & art. The color is Limonata from Lowe’s but the paint is Sherwin Williams. We’re going to put a chair rail and beadboard in the breakfast area at some point. And one day we’d like to upgrade our floors, but one step at a time! Here are pictures!

House guest!

Lisa is here!! So excited! She’s staying until Monday night. I picked her up from the airport, we went through a drive through then watched Grey’s when we got home. We sobbed and cried while Jon laughed at us and acted like he was going to give away the ending. I’m so excited to have the guest room all set up for this visit. The last time she came we had just moved in and she had to sleep surrounded by boxes. Big busy day tomorrow so it’s off to bed for us.

Picture pages

Why does my husband find it necessary to have 5 brushes in rotation at the sink, and another 3 in the shower? Granted, he’s never had a cavity, but still. That’s serious dental commitment.

For some reason when I mention that CSP & BIL are smoking cheese people think it’s Southern code for smoking weed. It’s cheddar people. And when I’m lucky, muenster (sp?).
I felt very housewifey the other night and made 4 little meat loaves .
The inside of CSP’s new truck! So big! So spacious! Even car seats fit for impending babies! Here are my mom, Sara, Jacob & Joey showing you how roomy the back seat is.
2004 Chevy Silverado with just under 17k miles. Carmax was awesome. We’ll definitely go there again.

I knitted my BIL Marc a hat to match his pullover. He’s not crazy about the points, but since I only know how to knit squares and rectangles, he doesn’t have much choice.Jake tried it on and looked quite dashing, points and all.
Joey and Kiki have some serious issues to discuss and ponder.

They looked so cute hanging out on the sofa, like they’re bellying up to a bar or something. No idea why the rest of my post was in link form. Maybe if you click on the links you’ll discover a worm hole in space and time. Let me know how that works out.

This kind of thing only happens to me

So I’m home. I should be in surgery by now. We drove 45 minutes to the hospital (the one by where we used to live) and as I was checking in the desk guy said “Oh, you’re gonna hate me.” Get this- my surgeon called in sick. I was like- can they do that? It’s as if doctors can’t get sick. Or at least they aren’t supposed to. So, I’m rescheduled for March 12. The hospital gave us free breakfast so at least there’s that. I was up til 2 this morning and back up at 5:30. I wanted to be tired so I wouldn’t think about the fact that I couldn’t drink after midnight. It worked. I’m tired. So now we’re off for a nap. Jeesh.