A collection of items completely unrelated to each other

More work was done on my house yesterday. All sorts of men tramped through with their nail guns. Then my carpet was cleaned. I’m so tired of my house being a construction zone.

In other news…on our way to IKEA Monday we saw an interesting site. A dump truck had run off the road and was stuck in the ditch. Took 2 tow trucks to pull it out.

In family news…my littlest sister is contemplating dating a guy who’s shorter than her. Since she’s 5’11” it isn’t hard to find boys that don’t measure up height wise. He’s cute as can be, funny, and gets along great with the fam. She says she doesn’t mind the difference. I hope they work out. I dated a shorter guy once (he said he was 5’9″. I’m 5’7″. 5’9″ my ass) and lemme tell you it was hard to get over the shortness. I often felt like a giant dinosaur. Could you get over it? Have you?

Bonjour Y’all!

I think the news of an IKEA being built in Charlotte really killed our motivation to go down to the one in Atlanta. I had a bunch of returns to make, and we needed a couple things, plus we wanted to scope out the cribs. We “tried” to go a few times. Then finally yesterday, at noon, we left. Noon people. We live 4 hours away. We made it a quick trip and got home by midnight. I wish we had been more organized so we could have stopped by Casa Shanahan to meet Maisie, but that will have to wait for the next trip. I tell ya, Monday is the day to go. It was deserted. Of course they were blown out of product too, or “temporarily oversold” as they like to say, but we still got most everything we needed. This billboard cracked me up. Click to enlarge- it’s a little fuzzy as I was doing about 70 mph. It says Bonjour Y’all and is an ad for a new exhibit- Louvre Atlanta.

I swear you see the most interesting stuff on road trips. There are billboards we always pass on the way to ATL and I always forget to take photos but they are for a place called Cafe Risque. They advertise adult toys and good food- couples welcome! Now, I have a problem with those combo restaurants like KFC/Taco Bell (stick to one thing please) so you know I’m not pulling over at Cafe Risque for my road dinner. While I do admire their ability to rhyme and their clever name, no matter how good their food is I don’t wanna find a “BOB” (battery operated boyfriend) in my dinner, thank you very much.

No longer a blank canvas

CSP & I have tired of living in our white house. Every wall and all the trim is painted the same builder white. So yesterday we went paint shopping. We picked out paint for all of the downstairs and the master bath. I still don’t know for sure what colors we’re going to do in the rest of the upstairs but you gotta start somewhere, right? For our family room & most of the downstairs (hallway, entry, etc) we chose Angora. The master bath will be Unique Gray (I have a master plan, trust me). The 1/2 bath downstairs is Rhapsody Lilac. And the kitchen will be Limonata (a lime green). We painted the family room last night, although I think more paint got on Molly than on the walls.Kiki stayed out of the way and napped through the whole thing-waking just long enough for a photo op!

Adoption Update

That my friends, is our i600A form heading off to the USCISSCIS whatever, office on Monday. It arrived safe and sound on Tuesday. I was so nervous sending it off with the check. And I mail a bigger check than that every month for our mortgage. But this check made me sweat. I wanted to hand deliver it. But I trusted UPS and they delivered. And now we count. Our SW is saying there’s about a 100 day wait on approval so that’s our estimate on about when our dossier will be complete. And then we wait for a referral. Some of you have asked about when we should get our child. We don’t know for sure, but we have an estimate. Until then we’re keeping things hush hush on the bloggy front. Don’t wanna jinx it, and we’d like to keep this at least semi private until it’s kind of a done deal with a referral. I will tell you we’re still asking for a girl, would like twins but hear they are incredibly rare. So you’ll still hear about Ling Ling. We are sending our periodic adoption updates via email to friends and family. If you aren’t on the list and would like to be, shoot me an email heyshannyATgmailDOTcom.