Saturday my Dad came into town and we went to my BIL’s mom’s house to celebrate Marc’s (my BIL) 37th birthday. Wow. We are all getting so old. I remember when I thought 37 was old. But with all of us sitting around that table it still seems like we’re just a bunch of young punks! *pictured from left to right- Eric- my BIL’s nephew who was adopted from Russia, Sara my sister holding Joey, my BIL Marc, and Jake is on his lap.

Thank you for all of your words of support. A special thank you to all those who commented for the first time. I love “meeting” new readers! It really means a lot to me. If you haven’t already guessed, Tina is a close relative- one I can’t boot out of my life. I talked with her child about her- the child is over 50- and said child will be having a talk. This “child” is the only one Tina will listen to so I hope it works. My main message for her is I’m a grown up and don’t have to take her crap. And I just want my kids treated like the other kids in the family. I did hear another gem of Tina’s. She made a comment to my step-mom that my step-mom doesn’t have any of “her own” grandkids and isn’t that too bad, since my s-m’s son married an infertile and they adopted. Nice. My s-m replied that she does so have her own grandkids, and included Ling Ling in the bunch. I heart my step-mom.

In other news, my dad drove almost 600 miles with a 3 week old new knee just to be up here for Jake’s 3rd birthday. Highlights from the birthday partay to come!