The Little Artist

Today I met up with Susan and Olivia for lunch then we went on a wee field trip to the paint your own pottery joint. Olivia had her little feet painted to go on gifts for family members. I used to work in a paint your own pottery store for 5 years part time that my friend Melissa owned til she passed away. We had lots of babies in there putting their feet on bisque. I thought that would be a fun thing to do with Miss O and Susan agreed. Olivia was a great sport!

And the bride wore Bellatini

I have been uber busy this week making jewelry for my friend Laura’s wedding. She’s getting married Saturday and the jewelry request was last minute. I had less than 2 weeks to make and ship necklaces, bracelets and earrings for her, 1 maid of honor- Lisa, 1 flower girl, and 4 bridesmaids. On the off chance Laura gets a moment to blog surf I don’t want to post pictures of her jewelry yet. I want it to be a surprise. But I will show you the flower girl’s bracelet and earrings. click to enlarge.
Her dress is purple. Making jewelry for a wedding is so stressful. My work will be in photos that will be viewed forever! It has to be good. I’m pretty proud of this wedding set though, and can’t wait to show you the rest!


I’ve always wanted to jump from a bridge onto a moving truck or barge filled with garbage and come out smelling nice and unscathed like they do in movies.
Sometimes, after watching a movie or tv show I’ll think-I can totally do that. Like watching Miami Ink makes me think that for some reason I could be a tattoo artist. Cause, you know, people only want pretty things like dragonflies and flowers permanently inked on their skin.
In the car, when I’m singing, sometimes, for just a moment, I swear I’m as good as any of those American Idol kids. But in real life, I’m so not.
I’ve totally written out scenes from the sitcom/novel/movie that will/should be written about my life in my head. Like just before going to sleep at night I’ll think about my day and it will occur to me that that day’s adventures should be viewed by millions. But I realize that just like how no one thinks your dreams are as interesting as you do, no one thinks your crazy Uncle Larry setting himself on fire is as funny as you do either.
A woman and her child actually rapped and beat boxed at Lisa’s uncle’s funeral. I would have paid cold hard cash to have seen that.

It is rumored that there is now an 18 month wait on referrals. Boo.
*Adoption process update* We are still paperchasing. This is an expensive endeavor and we can’t write all the checks at once. So we’re coming along, slowly but surely. We hope to be DTC by end of May. Just a few more forms to send in!

Gadget love

I was watching that show I want that on HGTV the other night and they showed this cool little thing I’d seen in some catalog somewhere before. It was a hook that hangs your purse from the table when you’re dining out so it doesn’t have to go on the floor. Nifty. Since Jon is Captain SafetyPants I can’t hang my bag on the back of my chair or put it in an empty seat. It must be on the floor between my feet or surgically implanted in my body before we eat out anywhere. So this thing was just what I needed. They called it a Purse Pal. I Googled it and found the website. I was dismayed to find that they ran $29 and up. Each! So I kept looking and checked eBay. Sure enough I found a huge selection at much better prices ($6!). They come in a ton of colors and designs. I bought one for my mom and gave it to her when we went to lunch the other day. Here’s what they look like from the table top: And here are the purses hanging way off the dirty floor: . Oh, and the hooky thing folds flat and tucks into a little black case that slips into your purse. Tiny, but mighty. Ah, my love for gadgets combined with my purse obsession- love it!


Sandy asked: Do you ever make your own beads? I love your jewelry. How did you learn to make it?
Thank you Sandy! Ok, no I don’t make my own beads. I don’t have the patience to put all that work into something so teeny.
I learned how to make earrings and attach a clasp for a bracelet or necklace at a bead store one day. Customers were supposed to sign up for classes, but the girl working there was so nice. She just showed me and a friend how to do it during a slow period at the store. Took 5-10 minutes and then the boss was back so she couldn’t show us anymore. Everything else I’ve learned from books or trial and error.

Alfred’s Mom asked: Have you shared how you and Jon met and started dating?
I think I told this story once a few years ago. In May Jon and I will be together 8 years. Whoa. That is so long to me! Ok, how we met…First I have to tell you who everyone is. Marc & I have been friends for 15 years. I met him when he was dating one of my roommates in school. Marc’s roommate was Jon at the time. But we never met. Fast forward to 1998. Me, Marc and 5 other friends were all going on a cruise together. One of the other friends was a girl we’ll call Betty. Betty was my roommate (a different one than the one Marc dated before) and was dating Marc (what can I say, the boy got around). Well Betty and Marc broke up after we’d all put $$ down on this cruise. Marc decided without telling any of the other cruisers that he would invite his friend Jon to go with us, then he could hang with Jon and avoid Betty. Well, this made me mad. Marc was forcing us to spend 10 days trapped on a boat with some dork none of us knew. Plus, I had already paid off my cruise and by adding another cruiser my cost went down and so Jon owed me $38. Marc said settle down you’ll meet him at Kevin’s birthday party, he’s a nice guy, who knows y’all may even hook up. Whatever Marc.
So Kevin’s birthday party comes around and I get to the party and demand to see this Jon guy. Someone points out a very tall fellow out by the keg. I marched up to him and asked if he was Jon.
Yeah, I’m Jon. Who are you?
I’m Shannon. Are you the guy going on the cruise with us?
Well, you owe me 38 bucks.
Back off. (and he kind off pushed me away with a couple fingers to my chest.)

This intrigued me. A boy who’ll challenge me. And he was way cute. We stayed up all night talking. Literally. I went straight from Marc’s house at 6:30 the next morning to run home and shower before being at work by 8. Before I left Jon asked if he could have my number and a kiss. Aw! Then I had a date that afternoon to see a college ballet production with some other boy. I could not wait to get out of there cause I knew Jon would be back at Marc’s that night. He was and we stayed up all night talking again. I was hooked and knew I’d marry him. We went on that cruise 5 months later and had a fabulous time. We’ve been together ever since!


1. When you view my blog on a PC are there 2 columns? The posts on the left and the sidebar on the right? It is that way on my mac so I’m curious.
2. Do y’all really think I should make some more of those mirrors to sell? You think they’d sell? It never occurred to me. I may have to pick up a few more of those next time we’re at IKEA.
3. Anyone out there have Crocs shoes? What do you think? You like them? I’m very intrigued by these shoes. They look like they might just fit my Flintstone feet quite well.
Me asking you these questions got me to thinking. One of the reasons I read blogs is I’m of a curious nature. I have questions. So I wondered if you did too.
Any questions you might want to ask me? About anything?

~~Hey guys! I tried to make my columns skinnier over at my mom’s on her pc and it didn’t matter, the columns never want to line up next to each other. Boo. Anyone know what I can do for you pc reading people?

The writing on the wall

The home improvements continue. My sister and BIL painted an entire wall with chalkboard paint at their new house and we loved the idea. We didn’t need the whole wall, just a bit. I think it is really handy and I’m sure Ling Ling will love it. So, first we removed the plate rack that was hanging there and Jon patched the holes after we picked out the wall we wanted to chalk up. (click to enlarge all pictures)
We measured out the size we wanted and Jon painted on 3 coats of the chalkboard paint. Then he cut the wood to frame it out and painted that a high gloss white. He framed out the chalkboard and it was time to let it cure. After 3 days I primed the board by rubbing chalk all over the surface then wiping it back off. The directions are on the can of paint (there are a ton of different brand names and any home improvement place stocks the paint). After priming the wall, it was ready to use!