Happy New Year!

I’m not into resolutions. I make a new one about every other day and they never seem to get resolved. So instead I have some general New Year’s goals.

-Get my house organized. I’m so into organizational tools and bins and boxes so why can’t I find anything in the office?

-Finish unpacking the boxes in the bonus room. Gasp! Yep, we’re still not unpacked from moving in here. I am so ashamed.

-Projects- I have a list of craft and home improvement projects a mile long to finish. Example: my sister’s honeymoon scrapbook. Yeah, the same sister who’s about to give birth to their second child. Another project is pretty secret for now, but will be unveiled soon. I’m so excited- but really nervous.

-Re-learn Spanish and learn for the first time French. I figured I should probably throw a new goal in there for good measure.

We’re ringing in the new year in a very low key way- Chinese food and Netflix movies. Happy New Year to all you bloggy folk out there!

Hootchie Cootchie

Our fridge is stuffed full of leftovers and all I seem to be hungry for is Chinese, Mexican, or pizza. Our Christmas was very nice, full of good dinners, tons of laughing, and lots of running around trying to split the time between the families. We spent Christmas eve with Jon’s parents and Christmas day with my side. Poor Jon got sick though and ran a 102 degree fever, so he missed most of it being stuck in bed. He’s better now though.

The scarves I knit were a big hit, but no one was more styling than Hale (Mom’s bfriend) in his scarf and lil critter hat I knit.. Here’s Hale holding Jake (the highlight of Christmas was hanging out with Jakey) Another highlight was when the whole family gathered to play Scene It , the game my mom gave me for Christmas. It was so fun! Morgan’s little boyfriend came over and played the game with us and was very polite. To Morgan’s complete horror though- my very pregnant sister who was getting tired and achey yells out “Oh my hootchie cootchie hurts!”. Welcome to the family kid. =)

Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, and Buon Natale! We’ll be busy celebrating with family over the next few days so we’d like to take this time to wish you and yours the very best this Christmas and always! Wow, that sounded just like a greeting card. So excuse the cheese factor, enjoy your families and friends, celebrate the most joyous of holidays, and we’ll all get together next week to share stories!

She lives!

Everything went well at the hospital yesterday. I was in and out within 4 & a half hours. Jon was pretty grossed out with all the tubes and the iv. And the lab lost a tube of my blood so I had to shuffle up and down the hall in my gown and socks carrying my iv bag so I could get to the bathroom to provide a urine sample for pregnancy testing. Apparently they couldn’t take my word that I was not pregnant.

I bled some more yesterday, but as of now it’s pretty much stopped. And so has the cramping. Now my tummy just feels kind of like you do after skiing or some other activity that you do then wake up the next day with aches in muscles you didn’t know you have. Tight and sore, but manageable for sure.

Man, let me tell you how much I love anesthesia. All I remember is the nurse telling me to scooch over from the gurney to the operating table and then I woke up in the recovery room. God bless you anesthesia inventor.

Oh, I’ve got to tell you the cutest thing I saw in the hospital yesterday. I was laying there in pre-op when I saw a nurse pull a wagon through the main area. She put a blanket in the wagon then pulled it out of my sight. A couple minutes later she was pulling the wagon to surgery with this tiny little girl in the wagon holding her teddy bear. What a sweet way to do it, instead of having to ride on some big bed with lights in her eyes, she got to ride to surgery hugging her bear.

D&C= Dammit it’s Christmas

Warning- stop reading now if you don’t want to hear about blood or my uterus.

Guess who gets to prepare for Christmas by having a d&c tomorrow? Yay it’s me! I know how jealous you must be of me right now. The girl who loses a fallopian tube in the spring, spends the summer puking because of Clomid, the fall puking because of nerves now gets to spend the winter getting her uterus scraped out!

I haven’t blogged about any of this because, well, who really wants to know about my incessant bleeding? But it’s finally come to a head and now I have to go to the hospital so my girlie bits have finally become blog worthy.

So, I got my period (a rare occurrence) the Thursday before Halloween. It hasn’t stopped. So in November my obgyn put me on Prometrium to get it to stop, but it didn’t. Then a month ago she put me on a high dosage birth control pill, taking 3 pills a day (oy the puking that came with that flood of hormones). That didn’t work either. So my doctor just called me back after my last report in of yes, even more bleeding. So they want me to come in for the d&c.

I’ve never had one. I’m scared. I don’t like pointy things coming near my girlie bits. I don’t even like the word scrape. I especially don’t like it when it’s connected with anything tender below the belt. Shudder.

Ladies Man v. 2.0

I’m sitting in the waiting room at my doctor’s office near the door where the nurse calls your name. A nurse comes out and calls a man’s name. A tall, lanky man walks across the waiting room wearing a bright red t-shirt. The nurse says “How are you today” to which he replies “Absolutely stunning.” What?! As he’s walking past me to get to the nurse I read the large letters on his shirt. I read them twice to make sure that it does indeed say “Made in Vagina.”