Back to the land of the living

Our neighborhood looks like a bombed out war zone with abandoned cars all over the place. Jon’s car is still stuck in a ditch.

I’m at work. The drive in wasn’t so bad. I wanted to come in yesterday some, but I was so achey from the wreck and Jon was nervous about me driving around. I’m having a hard time bending (back, neck, stomach muscles). It’s feeling better today though.

I wonder if it’s just me, or do other people notice this…it seems like when I was younger a singer would have 3-4 big songs a year. They would stay popular for a good while (each song). Now it seems like as soon as I hear about one song, it’s over and there’s a new one out. And it seems like rap artists especially are very here today gone tomorrow now. Maybe I’m just not as in touch as I thought with what’s hip and cool. Oh no, I’m old! I’m one of those people saying things like “Kids theses days” and “You call that music, that’s just noise!”.


3-5 more inches predicted tonight. That could bring our total to over a foot. Of snow. In South Carolina. Holy smokes. Our 3rd wedding anniversary is next week (March 3rd) and we picked this time of year for the wedding for one reason because springtime in our city is so pretty. And by now things are usually warming up and turning springy. They’re forcasting 60 degrees for Sunday. But until then we’re snowed in.

Ike ventured out in the snow. This was taken on our front porch- an inch on the front porch alone! I added some pictures to our snow day photo gallery.

Thunder Snow

Reminds me of Thunder Cats. Remember those? That’s what the weather guys are calling what’s falling here. Anyway, we’ve already got 5 inches on the ground here at home. That’s just insane for the south.

It wasn’t so bad this morning when I took Kea to the vet. But on the way it got worse. Then it got really sucky when some punk kid in a pick up truck didn’t remember the pump your brakes rule and took out my rear passenger fender, tailights, bumper, the works. He hit me so hard Kea’s crate flipped over. She was so scared she peed. I was scared, up in the front seat, not being able to reach her, in the middle of a snowy highway with cars and big, monster trucks wizzing by like it’s a sunny day. I called 911, Jon, my mom, and the vet. The most wonderful Dr. Martin came to the accident scene and took Kea in to the office for her exam (I was so close, just a mile away!). Kea’s fine, she was just a little scared. She weighs in at 3.44lbs now! My back hurts a bit, but I’m fine. My Jorge, my lovely silver RAV4 is not so fine.

The cop shows up and tells me we’re wreck #51 on that highway so since no one’s bleeding we should just trade info and go home. So 3 hours later I’m finally here. My vet’s office is only 5 miles away. I was only supposed to be gone for 45 minutes or so.

Now Jon’s trying to be the manager hero and go in to work. I’ll see you next week honey! There’s no way he’s coming home tonight if he leaves. Nothing like spending the blizzard of 2004 at a grocery store!

They’re saying it will continue to come down like this through tomorrow afternoon. Say a prayer we thaw soon!

**Update: Jon couldn’t back my car out of the driveway because it’s on an incline and there’s too much snowy icy slush, and his car is stuck in the ditch down the road. So he’s home with me thank goodness! My mom had a minor wreck on her way home from work. She’s fine though. Now that all my loved ones are home safe I feel better. There are too many nuts on the road!

Our snowy house:

My wrecked car (again!)

Click here for today’s pictures.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Happy Mardi Gras! I’ve always wanted to have a Mardi Gras party, but it’s never seemed to work out. Maybe next year.

I wish so much that I could post Sara’s phone number so you guys could call and hear her answering machine message today! I was laughing so hard! Email me and if you’re not a murderous psycho I’ll give you her number. It totally tops the President’s Day message! And all the ladies at work loved it.

So last night I asked Jon what did he use to put up the privacy film on the bathroom window. He said “Nothing, because I didn’t put it up.” Yes, you did, because I didn’t. This went on for a while and comments were exchanged like these: “don’t try and make me think I’m crazy!”, “I am not over medicated, you put it up!”, and “stop talking! I didn’t do it. You’re insane!”

I called my mom last night and was telling her all about it. Turns out she came over to see my new cabinet in the bathroom since it’s all put together and she put up the privacy film. We didn’t even know she ever stopped by! We were at work. I told Jon and all he had to say was “See, you owe me an apology for accusing me of things I didn’t do!”. Now if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black!

What do we have in common?

I saw this somewhere (sorry, can’t remember who’s blog) and thought it was neat.


1. Copy this whole list into your blog.

2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.

3. Whatever you don’t bold, replace with things about you. Please add a comment if you do it so that I can come read it!

I love Diet Vanilla Coke.

I am a Leo.

I don’t like coffee.

I love to read.

I read every day.

I fret a bit if I don’t have something in the house to read.

I don’t smoke.

I can’t stand to be around smoke.

I don’t understand why people smoke.

I tried smoking once. It hurt. Plus, it kills you.

I like broccoli.

I love ice cream.

I prefer pie over cake.

I love my Mom.

I grew up in the south.

I love to eat seafood, especially crab legs and shrimp.

I love a good steak.

I have 2 cats and 2 dogs living under this roof.

I’ve never been to Bermuda or Jamaica.

My favorite colors are blue, silver, purple, periwinkle, aqua (cool colors). And a dash of hot pink.

I love to drive.

I think I’m a good driver, but no one agrees with me.

I enjoy a variety of musical styles.

I like to spend time by myself, but I am a social person and thrive when I’m with people.

I love to watch brainless TV (MTV, VH1, Family Feud, etc.)

I think chocolate is overrated.

I love meeting new people.

I love my family.

I don’t like vans- mini, conversion, moving, none of them.

I’d rather be cold than hot.

I don’t like artificial heat (like electric. Fire is ok.)

I like facial hair on men, but not full beards, or the mustache only option.

I think it’s creepy when men are all slick and smooth (chests, legs, underarms).

I love to try new crafts.

I love learning new things.

I’d love to learn French.

I love to buy all the accessories and supplies for a new hobby (almost as much as actually doing the new hobby).

I love putting all of my new little things in cute little containers.

I don’t like putting up groceries, taking out trash, washing dishes, or unpacking from trips.

I love dusting, vacuuming, buying groceries, unloading the dishwasher, organizing, and packing for trips.

I don’t like talking on the phone much.

I don’t have much of an opinion of telemarketers.

I don’t use the word “hate” loosely when it comes to people.

I am curious about people, especially about how other people live.

I am not as wealthy as I’d like to be.

I love to dance.

I can’t dance to save my life.

I love, love, love, to sing on road trips. Loud, belting, 80’s music.

I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

I used to go roller skating a lot.

I love board games.

I don’t drink often, or much, but I loooove frozen cocktails.

I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing.

I might believe in UFOs.

I think snakes will kill me.

I loathe beer.

I like being barefoot, but when I wear sneakers, socks are a must!

I love flip flops.

I like silence at times.

I don’t go to church often.

I believe in God.

I’m smart.

I have been known to procrastinate on occasion.

I hate procrastinating.

I always try to be a good person.

I have a knack for remembering things.

I don’t have any children.

I’d love to own a mountain house for the summer/fall, and a beach house for the winter/spring.

I strive to do what’s right. Sometimes I mess up.

I can’t stand to listen to a baby cry for long periods of time.

I could (and sometimes do) eat Chinese food once a week.

I like to people-watch.

I love getting handwritten letters.

I love sending handwritten letters.

I love to take pictures of almost anything.

I don’t get bored.

I have broken a bone in my body.

I love the smell of cooking garlic and butter.

I like candles more than incense.

I have few close friends.

I have never been arrested.

I don’t have any kids.

I didn’t get a flu shot this year.

I love to watch movies.

I remember dreams almost as vividly as real life events.

I don’t like being dirty, sticky, or smelly. Unless it’s on purpose.

I wish all the people I love lived close to me, but not on my street.

I am easily annoyed, but not for long.

I am very easy going.

I am a planner.

I love to make lists.

I have a complex mind.

I’d love to own a golf cart.

I love to shop for other people, I always know what to get them.

I don’t want to be famous.

I want kids (most of the time) but there are times when I think if I never have them, I’ll be ok.

I appreciate honesty.

I can’t stand it when someone lies to me.

I’m a bad liar.

I love to help people.

I love to give people gifts.

I do not like to wear clothing in layers. Just enough to cover me and that’s enough.

I would buy more things for people “just because”—if I had more money.

I love to travel.

I love hotels.

I love to eat out.

I love to laugh, loudly.

I wonder sometimes if I annoy other people.

I love to try the testers and free samples at stores.

I prefer baths over showers.

I love iced, cold, water with a straw in a big plastic cup.

I love iced, cold, sweet tea with a straw in a big plastic cup even more.

Thank you for your support

I filed complaints with all of the pertinent people regarding one Miss Shaquita Vaughn- money stealing Tupperware peddler. We’ll see if anything comes of it.

In other news, I’m still working on my craft room. Trying to figure out the layout of a computer desk, sewing table, stainless steel craft table, and shelving unit. With one wall lost to a closet, and one wall pretty much lost to the big window, I’m at a loss. I’ll figure it out today. At least all the boxes are unpacked, and once everything is put away I can start painting.

My other goal for today is to sew St. Patrick’s Day bandanas for the pugs to wear for their St. Patrick’s Day cards. Being Irish, I can’t pass up this opportunity for my pugs to represent a cool holiday! So far I can only find cute St. Patrick’s Day photo card designs at Snapfish.

Yesterday Jon and I took Kea to the pottery place to paint her paw on a coaster and Christmas ornament (like we did with Ike in December) so I’ve got to go back today and finish those up. I’ll post pics once they’re done. She was so good and patient with us at the shop and loved all the attention from the little girls who were there painting.

Then I met up with a girlfriend and we saw Monster. Wow. Powerful film. Not only was Charlize Theron absolutely incredible, but Christina Ricci did an amazing job herself. Not your typical light hearted Saturday matinee fare, but I’m so glad I saw it.

I should have seen it coming

I’ve been so lucky so far. A great buy here, a bargain there. Even made some money myself. Finally, Ebay ripped me off. Well, I shouldn’t blame Ebay. And I don’t. I blame Livetoparty! The evil Tupperware salesperson who sweetly took my $51.20 and never sent the devilled egg and cake taker and 3 piece set of stuffables I paid for. Many, many emails followed “when should I expect shipment?” (nice) and then, eventually, “Read me! I paid you $50! Where’s my stuff?!”. She wouldn’t give me a refund, told me the items were on their way. I paid January 15. Still nothing. I made a formal complaint to Ebay and found out she’s no longer registered as a user. So I’m up the creek. And my sister’s birthday is coming up and I have to repurchase these Tupperware thingies. Arrgghh!! So if anyone out there knows a Shaquita Vaughn who apparently has lots of kids that keep her from the post office, please deliver a swift kick in the ass and grab my $50 out of her grubby hands!

Now I need a moment of pug sweetness to start my day…