A much more pleasant photo today

A much more pleasant photo today

The other day Jenny posted about painting pug paws on pottery and it reminded me that I forgot to post the finished product of Kea’s work. We painted a Christmas ornament for both Ike and Kea that are stored with the other Christmas things, but we also painted coasters that we keep out on the coffee table. I could be wrong, but I’m fairly sure they get their artistic talent from their mom. šŸ˜‰

Warning- those with woozy stomachs, turn back now!

Warning- those with woozy stomachs, turn back now!

I have pictures from my insides! That just blows me away that they can stick a little camera in a person and get pictures. I made the pics really small so you don’t get freaked out. If you want to see all the details, just click on the picture.

First we have the blood bubble that built up in my Fallopian tube when my ovary twisted. . Next is my actual twisted tube and my dr’s notes on the picture. And finally, this is my tube before removal. It’s so black because of all the backed up blood and the bruising.

Geez, what we go through as women!



Thank you for all of your well wishes! I’ve been overwhelmed with how loving everyone’s been. My family who stayed with us the whole time then babysat the pugs, Jon’s parents who drove all the way out 3 times over the weekend to check on us and the pugs, and to bring dinner (cause you know I’m not cooking right now), a big surprise from a co-worker who left groceries, flowers, and my favorite magazines on my doorstep, and my sweet sweet boy who took such good care of me last year when I got my tonsils out. I promised him then that he wouldn’t have to see the inside of a hospital with me for a long time. He had to watch my IV’s and catheter and interior and exterior ultra sounds, and he was so good, and so worried, and so strong. And my sweet puggies who must just know I’m not well. They have been so good and haven’t been fighting or trying to jump on my belly. Such good babies.

I’ve not yet made it downstairs today. I’m awfully loopy from my meds. I keep waking myself up having conversations with who knows about the oddest things.

I forgot to mention that I have pictures of my insides! The sheet is too big to scan so I’ll take a picture with my camera then post it. It’s pretty amazing. My mom’s dropping my camera off soon as she took it to Jake’s 1st birthday party yesterday (that I had to miss!!), but at least I’ll get to see pictures.

Ice Chips!!!

Ice Chips!!!

Jon and I just returned home from the hospital where we’ve been since 7 am this morning. I woke up about 6 with a sharp pain. Thinking it was upset stomach I went to the bathroom. Ike and Kea followed me and pooped in the bathroom. The smell of it made me throw up, which I did for the next hour and a half. I never went to the bathroom though, I couldn’t and the pain didn’t go away. Finally, after about an hour I had Jon take me to the hospital. I’d never felt anything like this before.

I had a catheter and an ultrasound and turns out I had a cyst on my ovary the size of a cantaloupe! That’s a huge fruit people! So they admit me for emergency surgery. Jon was so good through everything. They put me on morphine and demerol, but it didn’t help much. Finally at about 5 pm they put me under and did laproscopic surgery. While in surgery they found my Fallopian tube was twisted causing a huge blood bubble. So they removed the cyst and my tube. Had they not discovered this it could have been disastrous.

I’m hurting pretty badly and will be out of work for a little while. Thankfully, I have a wonderful family and fabulous friends for support!

I am the Godfather of Soul

I am the Godfather of Soul

Tuesday night I missed American Idol as I was in a Middle School Gym watching my littlest sister portray Captain Anne Bonney in a school production honoring the Famous and Notable from our state. Morgan was fabulous! She gave her speech without uttering a single “um”, was funny, and poised, and I was so proud.

People, let me tell you that this program was so worth missing Idol for. Because there is nothing funnier on a Tuesday night than skinny white pre-teen boys doing the death row shuffle up to the platform then giving the most droll, morose speech about how he’s James Brown or Chubby Checker. “I am the Godfather of Soul” delivered in a hormone crackling monotone or when Chubby Checker (another skinny white boy in an afro wig) forgot his lines. A minute of silence passes and then he says all flat and even “Oh yeah, Come on baby, let’s do the twist.” – man that just can’t be beat. Oh yeah, except when I commented on one skinny white freckled boy’s afro wig that completed his 1970’s era basketball player’s costume and the mother in front of me turned to let me know “That’s his real hair.”

You’ve been ever so patient!

You’ve been ever so patient!

Here are the first of the before and after pictures!! Today’s feature: the guest bath! Before: and When we moved in they had left the Disney appliques and the red and black drapes that were bolted into the window frame. Nice. It was the kids’ bath.

We removed the appliques, replaced the towel bar, toilet roll holder, mirror, window treatment, light fixture, and hardware on the vanity (from gold knobs to silver pulls). We painted the walls and put up dragonfly wallies, hung the shower curtain, put down bath rugs and we’re all set. I’m not usually big on theme rooms, I don’t want it to look cheesy, but I already had the shower curtain with the dragonflies, and everything kindof fell into place after that. After:

My Precious

My Precious

My Mom had this mirror that I coveted for years. It was so me. With swirls and stars, but it was gold. I’m more of a silver girl. Anyway, I told her if she ever parted with it, it needed to come to me. I’m the first born and all, and I’ll be choosing her nursing home one day so she better butter me up.

Well, imagine my horror when I see this coveted mirror hanging in my 13 year old sister’s room! She’s just a kid! How could she even begin to appreciate the details? I confronted my Mom and she said if I came up with a mirror for Morgan’s room then we could trade. So I bought her a cute Ikea jobby and made off with my spoils!

I painted it silver and Jon hung it over our bed. I think it looks pretty darn cool in it’s rightful place!