No sleep for pug parents Wow. No sleep at all la…

No sleep for pug parents

Wow. No sleep at all last night. Kea slept with us, right on Jon’s head. Ike couldn’t figure out what this other dog was doing in bed with us. He was really hyper. In all of his bouncing around he scratched and cut Jon’s lip and my chin. After some initial barking and sniffing he decided he really likes this little silver puppy. So far so good! Pictures from Kea’s first day home here.

It’s a girl! We’ve added to our pug family! Ik…

It’s a girl!

We’ve added to our pug family! Ike’s got a woman now! We picked her up today and she’s just the sweetest little thing. She checked out great at the vet this afternoon, where she weighed in at 1.8 lbs! Her name is Kea LiReo Mei Fun. Ike and Kea. Ha! LiReo is after Lisa and Rachel. Jon’s hoping since Ike’s such a mama’s boy that Kea will be a daddy’s girl.

Junkie So we all know I’m addicted to Ikea right?…


So we all know I’m addicted to Ikea right? And so is my husband. You’ll all know the full extent of our sickness when we unveil a little secret tomorrow.

In other Ikea news, I’m going back to shop there President’s Day weekend. Pam has graciously found and posted an article that will prepare me for my next trip.

It’s a good thing I’m going back to Ikea. Just yesterday as I’m in the bathroom getting ready for work I hear Jon yell “Shannon- when you go to Ikea, can you get another plastic colander?” The blue plastic colander with handle is one of Jon’s favorite Ikea purchases. No idea why. We have at least 3 other colanders at home. 2 of which are stainless steel. But I guess because this one’s blue, and was only $1.99 or something like that, it’s so much better and his favorite. So, why would we need another one? I go downstairs and see the haze just as the noxious odors hit me. I look at my frazzled husband as he stands next to the back door peering out at the deck. He turns to me and says “I turned on the wrong burner.” I look out onto our icy, snowy deck (Thank the Lord or he’d have burned the house down) and see this:

Iced In! Couldn’t get out of the neighborhood yes…

Iced In!

Couldn’t get out of the neighborhood yesterday to go to work because of all the snow and ice. Keep in mind, it’s the south, so yes 2 inches does mean all the snow and ice.

I did a good bit of slipping and sliding trying to take Ike out. Then my mom came over and promptly got stuck. It took us a good 2 hours, some kitty litter, cardboard, and 1 ruined rug, to get her unstuck. Thank goodness for helpful neighbors and a strong husband. While the boys worked on getting mom unstuck we used some cardboard to sled down the neighbors driveway, cross the street, and into my yard. It was fun until I was impaled by the shrubbery, ripping my shirt and scratching me pretty good just under the boob. Nice. Pictures can be found here.

D.I.Finally You know how sometimes you can start …


You know how sometimes you can start a project but it never looks quite right then finally, bam, there it is- finished!? That’s the story with our bedroom. We painted the walls a pale lavender ice. Then I painted a harlequin pattern on the focal wall in a darker shade. That was in September and although it looked pretty cool, I wasn’t as happy with it as I would have liked. So I thought about it for a while then realized I just needed to soften it up a bit. I bought a blue-ish, purply sheer glaze and a silver metallic sheer glaze. I put the darker glaze on first then the silver went on sparingly. Click here for a close up. Jon installed those cute little bedside lights from Ikea and now I just have to paint a mirror to go over the bed and we’ll be all set!

So not dank and dusty We’d been planning on hangi…

So not dank and dusty

We’d been planning on hanging our big mirror over the fireplace light we had at the last house. So Jon gets out the stud finder and can’t find a stud! Dang these newly constructed homes! The mirror weighs a good 100 lbs or so, so it went on a wall with studs, lots of em. But we still had this blank space over the fireplace to fill. My mom suggested a tapestry. All Jon and I could think of is some big dank, dusty, wall rug like in a castle. No thank you. But then my mom took me to Pier 1 and we found the perfect tapestry. And since it weighs next to nothing the no stud issue was no longer a problem! Jon hung it up over the fireplace and placed these two sconces I bought from Party Lite on either side. ! The beaded candle rings are also from Party Lite and both those and the sconces were purchased right after we moved in. We got lucky because it’s a perfect match!