Holiday Recap! I hope everyone had a wonderful ho…

Holiday Recap!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Christmas Eve we went to my Mom’s where we spent the night. Ike, Mom, Hale, Sara, Marc, Jakey, Morgan, and Grandmommy were there along with Mom’s dog Sam and cat Roger. Ike had fun opening presents, especially this stocking full of rawhide from his aunt and uncle! Jake had fun playing with Santa . Everyone loved the presents we gave and we all had a big time. Especially Ike- he loved helping everyone open presents!

Christmas day we had to stop by Jon’s store to do a refrigeration check (ah the glamorous life of a grocery store manager). Everything went great until Ike needed a clean up on aisle 9!

Then we went to Jon’s parents’ house. We had a big wine and cheese tasting with cheeses they flew in from France. One was rolled in ashes and one was completely brown! I was brave and tried them all. Then we had a low country shrimp boil for dinner and opened presents. Ike had to spend some time in his crate there though because his parents have 7 cats living in the same house! Ike’s big pug eyes + 7 sets of claws = trouble. He was able to come out a good while though, and opened lots of presents.

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas! So much…

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas!

So much to tell about…I’m feeling a bit better, I ran over and destroyed our shrubs with my car (medicated people shouldn’t drive), I sewed (!!!) a blanket for Jon and pajama pants for me. They’re a little wonky, but I’m pretty impressed with myself. I made some kick ass ginger snaps that look just like the picture. Pictures to come. I’m doing some last minute wrapping then it’s off to my Mom’s for tonights festivities then to the out in-laws for Christmas day.

My wish for all of my wonderful bloggy friends is joy,joy,joy! Be happy this holiday! xoxoxo

So after a doctor’s visit this morning, I’m out of…

So after a doctor’s visit this morning, I’m out of work until next Monday and am on steroids. I feel like I should be some burly German swimmer or something. The worst part is that she told me I can’t hug or kiss on Jacob over the holidays because what I have is viral. Arrgghh! Babies are the best part of the holidays! Mean doctor. =(

Wow- being heavily medicated means that I seem to …

Wow- being heavily medicated means that I seem to lose pockets of time. So- what’s been going on… Thursday Jon and I took Ike to visit my Mom at work. I had to take pictures of her employees with my digital camera so she can use them throughout the year. While there I had to use my inhaler which prompted Jon to comment to my Mom: “Now doesn’t that sound like a death rattle?”. All I’m saying is it’s hard to concentrate on inhaling drugs when your loved ones are laughing at you.

Then we ran some errands including buying my Christmas present! Normally it is a surprise but Jon didn’t know which one to get, and neither did I so we went together. 10 years ago if you told me I’d be excited that my Christmas present would be a) not a surprise, 2) come from Sears, and c) that I’d be so excited about getting a sewing machine I’d say you were on crack. But I am and it is!

We stopped by the library after that to pick up a couple of books on sewing. I made a pillow in 8th grade Home Ec but that’s the extent of my sewing capabilities. I’m sooo excited though! I could hardly sleep last night thinking of all the projects I can do now. Jon’s so sweet, he asked me to make him a blanket. Aw! A blanket is really just a big piece of fabric. He says “but it’s hemmed! You can hem it.”. So my first project will be a blanket for my boy.

Then we came home and watched a movie marathon. Being awake for just a few hours out of the day doesn’t give you much time for anything besides movies. I’ve got some last minute Christmas projects to make today and I have to get out to the Post office to mail Christmas goodies out to my girls in Baltimore. I’ve got ginger snaps to make for the neighbors and if there’s time I’d like to go buy myself a sewing starter kit. Any suggestions as to what I need to get started?

2 3 things Ok, no more sicky talk. Firstly, is i…

2 3 things

Ok, no more sicky talk. Firstly, is it just me or does it seem like Mona Lisa Smile has already been out for ages and it’s not even released yet?!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it will be a fine movie, it just seems the preview is everywhere. everywhere!

Thing #2: that Old Navy commercial with Fran Drescher at the switchboard comes on. Jon walks through the room. He stops to say: “I hate her. I hate her worse than….taxes!!”.

3) You know, I used to like Tom Cruise. Esp. in Top Gun and even Cocktail. But I see that preview for the Last Samurai movie and just want to scream: “You’re a white guy from Jersey!! Please just stop before you make your own Waterworld you shaggy haired, self important ass!!”

Did I mention I’m heavily medicated? šŸ˜‰