It’s curtains for us baby

Today we finally got around to hanging curtains in the formals. They’d been sitting in their Ikea bags since September. Shameful. But with all the painting in those rooms mostly complete we could finally hang them.

Dining room– there are 2 of these windows.

Living room– this is the side window. Main window in living room:

No mo faux!

Isn’t that loverly? That’s the faux panting the prev. homeowner did on the slate tiles around the fireplace. Here’s the whole thing:

Blech! So today I was removing scuff marks on the mantle with my Mr. Clean magic eraser and thought I’d try it on the painting. It worked! So I grabbed a bottle of Goop off and a brush and went to work. I’m so excited! It all came off! We were convinced we’d have to tile over it! Check out our “new” fireplace:


Domestic Bliss

Ok, I’m going to sound really nerdy for a minute, but I have to share this. I love the new Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! They are miracles in a box I tell you! We thought we’d have to paint the baseboards along the stairs where the movers scuffed them up so badly, but the eraser took the marks off so fast! You’d never know they were there! I ran around the house looking for marks to clean. I’m a little obsessed, no?

Ike’s Paw Pottery

Today I had a dentist appointment (excruciating with the metal stick thing and the scraping! but no new cavities) then Ike and I ran some errands. I tried to zip him up in a tote bag but he’d have none of that. So I just carried him on my arm. I’m trying to see how many places will let me take him in with me. The library was cool with it, but the post office wasn’t convinced he was a seeing eye dog. We stopped by the pottery store to pick up his pottery from a couple of weeks ago. It turned out great! Here’s his coaster and here’s his

ornament. I didn’t think Target, Michael’s and World Market would want me carrying a pup around their store, so he had to stay home for a while. I’m still going to try and get him into a bag though!